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bushwickbill March 1, 2010 02:50 AM

Does raising GPU voltage help with artifacting?
Well Ever since I installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit I have been on a mission to max out my Overclocks one more time to squeeze every last FPS I can out of my Rig while I can. But I am running into some issues. While I was just trying to OC my GPU Via EVGA precision and using ATITool's Artifact scanner, I was getting some very frustrating results. Before I upgraded my OS, I was able to OC my GPU's Core to at least 720Mhz without getting any Artifacts (While leaving my shader clock at 1452 and Mem at 1100Mhz). And I knew I could push it more before the new OS install, But there really wasn't a need to because I could play my games at the max Settings and run them at acceptable FPS(35-60 FPS). Now with new games coming out like Stalker COP just to name one for this post, I am seeing that I need to really push my GPU and CPU to levels higher than before if I want to keep the Eyecandy on while maintaining decent FPS.
So, I just tried a mild OC of 680Mhz on my Core while leaving my shader at 1452Mhz and Mem at 1100Mhz. I ran the Artifact scanner, And two mins later I get some very small dots on the screen. So I abort the test and here I am wondering what is happening to my once decent Overclock on my GPU. I even backed my Mem down to its' stock speed and I was able to hit 700Mhz on the core before I got little artifacts. But this is nowhere near what I was able to hit before
So I am wondering if I run the EVGA Voltage tuner and add some voltage to my GPU will I be able to get my Overclock to go higher without gettting artifacts?? And BTW, My temps during these little tests where very good, My GPU never went higher than 70C.
I guess I am wondering is my Core clock Overclock artifacting limited to Voltage? Will adding voltage help my GPU not Artifact? Or will it just make things worse?
And also BTW, When I was hitting my previous higher Overclocks I hardly ever used them. I usually just kept my GPU at stock clocks unless I was playing Crysis or Benching, And even then it was not for very long periods. So my GPU was not abused just to clear the air.
What is happening guys? Why is my GPU now not able to hit 700 Mhz and not Artifact:sad:

Silvgearx March 1, 2010 05:02 AM

How about try turning up the fan speed?

And the only thing that comes to mind is it is degrading.

Perineum March 1, 2010 09:06 AM

From a logical point of view adding voltage should only help (within reason) with any overclock.

I did well overclocking the 8800GT/9800GT series, but never got anything over 670 core on the GTX260's, with or without (reasonable) voltage. Even then, my card will fold at 670mhz but it will not game at that speed. Go figure.

Squeetard March 1, 2010 09:34 AM

Artifacts are memory related. Touch back the memory clocks and max out the gpu.

bushwickbill March 2, 2010 02:46 AM

I do have Fan peed @ 95% When 'looking' for a Overclock. I always thought you could have 'core' artifacts or 'Mem' artifacts. Depending on which one(core clock or Mem clock) you cranked up, That was the one that artifacts first?
What about re seating the gpu heatsink with new thermal paste? I have never opened up a gpu, But wouldn't Some fresh Thermal paste help with temps?

Perineum March 2, 2010 11:38 AM

With ATI tool you will see "artifacting" when your core, shader or mem gets too high.

Max them out one at a time, find the 90% value of all three, then see if it'll run that way together, if so, try 92%, etc

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