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Default Green Border/Color Changes

I'm not sure if I need to detail the video card(s) I'musing for this problem, but if it will help, I can.
Here's the thing:
I bought one of those HP computers from Costco that came with some standard video card. I soon upgraded to (I think) an ATI card that was good for gaming.
About 4 months ago I connected my PC to a 42" LCD TV using HD component (RBG) and after a little messing around, got it working fine. But maybe amonth later 2 problems started.
1: I could see a green border appearing on the right side of the TV while watching movies from my PC. This can be corrected by changing the resolution setting for the 2nd monitor (The LCD TV) up a setting, clicking 'apply' and then setting it back to where it originally was and hitting 'apply' again. The green border will be gone, but will mysteriously reappear the next day.
2: The color on the TV seems to change, sometimes going more dull and looking slightly more green or blue. It's similar to the 'old days' when the picture tube might be going but obviously isn't. And I have most of the inputs used on this TV (Tivo/DVD/Satellite) and don't encounter this problem with them, nor do I see the color changing when watching these same videos on the actual computer monitor.
One possible reason for the color changing might be my having to cut the component cable ends at one end because there's no other way to get the cable fed into the living room, but I think I did a good job of reconnecting-and the problem with the color was never there in the beginning.
Any idea or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Also, offhand, if anyone can tell me the proper resolution size I should have the the 2nd monitor (TV) set for, I'd be grateful. It looks fine with media players that are set to full screen, but if not, the picture is shifted all over the place.
Thanks again.
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