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Old October 29, 2009, 04:33 AM
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Default ATI 5870 Rocks

Well, just put a Diamond HD 5870 into my system and gotta say it Rocks!
Had two 4850s in crossfire, and the 5870 seems to match thier speed, visualy, at least to me, maybe even a bit better.

Had some driver problems, first time i've ever had with ATI, initialy the screen went gray or black when doing 3d, in desktop mode it was fine. (Yes I tried the supplied drivers from Diamond & the updated drivers on their site). I downloaded the new 9.10 drivers from the ATI site and that didn't seem to help. Looking and reading around various forums, I came across a link to different drivers on ATI for those running Vista or Win7. I run Vista 64 here if anyone cares, and that didn't work. Then I decided to go into the overdrive settings. I set it to "Auto-Tune" and let it run it's course. For some reason, not sure if it's driver or hardware, MY card wouldn't seem to go into 3d mode till i ran Overdrive. Since then, Smooth Sailing. This is one Awesome card.

Aside, I can't wait for a good dp>dvi connector to come out, or at least some reasonably priced displayport monitors to get this baby working in a 3 monitor setup. Other than the Dell active dp>dvi adapter, which is way freakin expensive, and i don't even know if they sell it in canada cause it's not on Dell.ca, anyone got this 3 monitor setup working without using Dell's active dp>dvi adapter? From what i've read, it can't be done without acessing that displayport connection. 1 dvi port, hdmi shares the other dvi port, and the displayport as the 3rd output. We need the displayport connection because the card only has two output chips, displayport doesn't need one, so that's the third, in the 3 monitor setup.

Seems to me like either ATI didn't see a market for this initialy or they are trying to push "displayport", which to me seems like the way to go. Some of us gamers do push our rigs, and displayport seems to be the answer to a lot of our problems.

All in all, this IS a geat card!
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