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Bubbzilla October 15, 2009 08:01 PM

Mix-match GPUs
I got a snazy computer last july with the GTX 275. I bought a monster Samsung 275T moniter and decided to keep my 17" dell moniter but have it in portrait becide it. (27" is still an inch taller). But now I want to plug in my TV. I did get it working but id rather not have to unplug my second monitor.

As for my question, I have the GTX 275 and I plan to get another one on boxing day to run in SLI. I also have the graphics card from my old computer. Its pretty old, but it works. I was wondering weather i would be able to have 2x275 GTX in SLI running the 2 monitors, and then have my other graphics card in the third slot. I know you cant mix graphics cards with SLI, but is there a way to make it run completely seperate from the 275s. If it makes a difference, the older card is ATI. Also, would it slow down the 275s at all? Even though the 275s are still only running the 2 monitors?

Also, if you have 2 graphics cards in SLI, can you use all 4 plugs? The 275 also has S-Video, and my TV has a plug for that. Would that work?

Hope that makes sense. Thnx

Fudd Rucker October 15, 2009 09:52 PM

windows 7 will allow you to install 2 sets of gpu drivers. you can span your monitor over the 2 gpus but you cant duplicate them. I learned this recently when i was experimenting with physx with ati as primary gpu and it required having a virtual monitor in place and to prevent the mouse from running off the screen and any windows i tried the duplicate option but ati wouldnt let me. nvidia may allow this but im not sure.

Zero82z October 15, 2009 09:52 PM

1. You can't use an ATI card and an nVidia card in the same system with Vista. If you upgrade to Win7 at some point, you might be able to depending on whether or not the old card is still supported by current ATI drivers.

2. When using SLI, only the master card's video outputs are active, so you're limited to two displays. That includes S-Video and other TV outputs; if you use that, it will disable one of the DVI ports.

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