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Old February 25, 2009, 06:07 PM
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My System Specs

Default anyone ever heard of this simular to sli and crossfire?

this is a quote from a person at a gaming website I belong to.
Intel puts Lucid Hydra on x58 Lucid – Inventor of HYDRA parallel graphics processing.
When reading about this dont be confused by nonsense.
This is NOT - SLI
Both are a forms of video technology for using more than 1 of the same video card and this technology is not used with Lucid HYDRA. Lucid HYDRA -is- Lucid HYDRA and does not work in any way like either SLI or Crossfire!!
I am still trying to determin if both or all cards must be from the saendor,
the card model (within reason) is irrelevent with Lucid HYDRA.

Intel puts Lucid Hydra on x58 Motherboard.
NOT version 1 of Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO.

Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO version 2, so I am still researching and waiting for this board. It is also supposed to be version USB 3.0. When I think about how high the price of this board might be, it scares the crap of me. But reguardless of what I pick It must pass my younger brothers aproval before I will buy it. I made the mistake of not listening to him on my last upgrade, he told me to wait for pci express to be released and then get a board with it. Then this PC would have had longer than a 4 year gaming life, before being retired to a data\file server life.
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Old February 25, 2009, 06:19 PM
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I've heard lots about this chip, supposed to scale better than any ATI or nVidia solution. As in 2x9800 gtx gets you twice the speed of a single 9800 gtx. Or add a 260 to a 9800 and gets the speed of a 260 plus the speed of a 9800
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Old February 25, 2009, 06:51 PM
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Yeah, there's been some discussion over this, although only some, since Lucid doesn't seem to be too forthcoming with useful details on HOW it works. Right now, it's a little magical chip in between the computer and the screen, emphasis on 'magical'. And frankly, so far, it's detractors have been far more concrete in their reasons than it's supporters.

If you haven't seen this, and care to filter out a few insults, THIS THREAD is a fairly recent discussion on it, and at the very least, outlines the kind of hurdles that will need to be overcome for this technology to work as claimed.
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