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ragenrok May 14, 2007 08:45 AM

8800 GTS ocing problem
Ok, so I want to try OCing my 8800 gts but For some reason i can't.
When i run ATI tool it dosent let my change any of the settings on my card (and it says that its memory and core clock speed is 0/0) When i run Ntune I cant even change the fan speeds but I can adjust its core and memory sliders. It did this with my old amd motherboard and my new P5N-32 sli plus board.

Im running windows vista 32 bit, would that have anything to do with it (Im starting to think thats the main reason why) and the 158.18 drivers. I also tried with the last batch of drivers and it still dosent work.

PS. forgot to mention its got no factory overclocking its just stock.

Babrbarossa May 14, 2007 08:51 AM

Apparently alot of people are having problems running ati tool in vista, so that's likely the problem.

ragenrok May 14, 2007 08:53 AM

ya, and I want to put xp on it but the computer wont read my xp install disk as a bootdisk. I think vista prevents this but i really dont want to format my hard drive just to install xp but its almost looking like im gonna have to just to oc my GTS lol.

Babrbarossa May 14, 2007 08:54 AM

Try disabling the driver signature checking at boot up- then change the bios once you get a setting you're happy with- it's DRM i thin- which version of ATI tool are you using?

ragenrok May 14, 2007 09:02 AM

just downloaded it last night so It should be fairly recent version :bleh:

if I have to wait alittle for ati tool and ntune to work properly with vista I can. From what I hear the GTS and GTX have problems keeping up with DX10 games so as long as I can OC it when crysis comes out ill be happy lol.

ragenrok May 14, 2007 09:12 AM

hmm.. someone in the ncix forum suggested trying a coolbits registry hack

The Guru of 3D Download Section

any real dangers of this? If it simply crashes vista that gives me a reason to format and install xp lol. but any dangers hardware wise? if not ill give it a try

sswilson May 14, 2007 09:38 AM

I think coolbits is required to use any of the third party overclocking tools. (You probably had it on XP but forget installing it... :) ).

As long as it's just a software registry hack the worst thing that could happen would be a system crash requiring a reload. (What you do with your OC afterwards is a different story.... :) ).

ragenrok May 14, 2007 09:45 AM

ha alright thanks sswilson :biggrin:

Im still very new to oc'ing so this is all very fun and exciting to me. Getting my e6600 to 3.32 was my first oc ever lol.

I dont mind crashing my OS's at all, ive been doing it since I was 14 and had a comp running windows ME, that OS got me very use to crashing windows and formating an HD lol.

sswilson May 14, 2007 09:53 AM


ME????? And that didn't send you screaming into the hills vowing to use nothing but Mac for the rest of your life?????

Hehehehe..... have fun! :)

Babrbarossa May 14, 2007 09:56 AM

You don't need the registry hack to run it on XP.

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