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Old November 5, 2008, 11:41 PM
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Default Testing my GPU to see if it's working? (hx520w)

So apparently, my current PSU crapped out and wont power my GPU (7900GS)
Awkwardly enough the PSU (550W Optimax) still powers the rest of my cpu.
I want to check to see if it's the GPU that's messed up or if i have to replace my PSU.

I have a buddy who said he'd lend me his hx520w to test my GPU. Is it possible if i just connect the 6 pin from the hx520w to the 7900 and plug the 7900 into my pci-e port on my MB? or do i have to replace the whole psu in my system to test it?

Basically, i want my current psu to stay in the case and power MB, sata drives, optical etc. I just want to open my side panel, plug the hx520w pci-e 6pin into the 7900, and plug the 7900 into the mb. Will it work? Won't be a long test, jus a quick one to see if my 7900GS will crash with a different PSU.

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Old November 6, 2008, 12:28 AM
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My System Specs


That won't work unless you have an ATX power switch that will allow you to turn on the PSU, simply plugging it into a wall outlet will not turn it on.

If you want you can try this method if you feel comfortable enough Lounge | Turn on PSU without motherboard - the 'paperclip trick' | APH Networks please be advised this is to be done at your own risk and please read and follow all directions and safety percuations.


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