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frontier204 January 22, 2013 12:43 PM

Acer Iconia A100 Ghost Touches
Hi all,

As the subject, I have an Acer Iconia A100 Android 4.0 tablet (stock ICS upgraded from 3.2) has random touch events firing like crazy at a certain portion of the screen. They seem to be at the right-hand side of the screen, a little above the middle vertically.
These issues persist through a factory reset, which I had to do by the "hard" method with the power button, volume buttons, and screen lock switch because I couldn't get past the password prompts due to the touch events. The random touch events are actually making the country select go nuts right after the first boot.

The tablet is out of warranty :angry2:

Is there something else I can try on this thing to fix it, or do I throw it in the dead electronics pile? (My assumption is a screen repair would cost more than this thing is worth, given it was a low-end tablet on its way out when I got it last year.)


(Potential achievement: 2 laptops and 1 tablet hard-failed in 31 days)

sswilson January 22, 2013 12:58 PM

Did you check for a firmware update/upgrade? I've got a Wtab (not the same model but around the same time frame) that had a similar issue which was solved by a firmware update (probably just dialed down the screen sensitivity, but it worked). That issue was systemic though and it sounds like yours is a one-of or actual hardware failure as opposed to a design flaw.

frontier204 January 22, 2013 04:02 PM

Yep looks like the tablet's a goner... I reverted it to Android 3.2 and it's still the same :sad:

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