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Old January 3, 2013, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
This is quote-worthy.

I suspect PSU...perhaps that noise he is complaining about is coil-whine?
oh my i just lay down the system flat on the table instead of vertical. while the case off. power up.... and what i see right away is the fan on the psu is going so slow! and the noise is really came from the psu! earlier i couldnt tell because the didnt lay down my system flat and couldnt see the face of the psu.

the psu fan is going real slow and rotates funny.... like not straight. it has low noise then vroooon then low noise then vroooon. mannn i think its really the psu. very ovious.

i do heard zumax is not that so high quality. i got it for like 50 dollar which is real cheap concider its a 500 watt perfect for my graphic card. i didnt even game on it for a year or even 2 yet it is running out of juice?

so any extra tips? concider the psu is beeping up. oh no as im writing this it sound crazy! sudden vro0o0on! crazy! like a car without smog!

i should i uninstall it before it might take down the whole machine right? especially my graphic card. im using the machine right now and i feel risky.... like it can lock up any time!

it sound aggressive at random time real hard vro0o0n. then normal noise then low vro0n then sudden hard vro0o0on like crazy.

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Old January 3, 2013, 02:36 AM
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better remove the psu and stop using it coz if that thing goes it modt likely won't go down alone so save your other parts. Just a side note some PSU actually adjust fans speed according to load and temperature but you said you have an el cheapo psu so I doubt it has that functionality. If you have a spare psu it would be good to try and swap it out.
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Old January 3, 2013, 10:25 AM
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My System Specs


Looks like any low-end 500w-600w PSU made by a reputable company like Corsair will suit you. As long as it fits that pre-built Acer case.

I would go with this if it will fit:
Canada Computers | Power Supplies | Corsair Enthusiast Series VX550 80Plus Certified 550W PSU (CMPSU-550VX)

You could try fitting some other ATX power supply in the case to get a feel for if the Acer case will accept other psus no problem but you should be fine.

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Old January 5, 2013, 03:17 AM
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i notice something....... i was testing. i unchecked the display screen to turn off after certain amount of time from the power mangement control panel. it been 24 hours and the computer acts normal! no freeze! the psu fan also seems normal now.... it sound straight now no more up/down noise and it spins straight at normal speed. oh and yes this Zumax psu has multiple speed that adjust itself but its not the case in my situation because it sound way abnormal.

so yeah who can tell me why my computer no more acting strange now? after i switch off the automatic turn off display screen... the computer acts normal now. why is this? my computer sudden cant handle this display feature? any explanation?

is this still a psu issue?

that corsair psu looks nice but usa money probly more pricey and i dont know if it ships to usa.

uncheck automatic turn off display screen didnt fix it! it lock up again! and now its worse! boot up.... load up... lock up! reboot.... load up...... lock up! recycle! crazy! and what i notice each time it lock up is my mouse cursor always apear like it loading something.... like a small circle spinning. it seems like it tries to load something but fail then freeze.

and my guess is it tries to load AVG! dammm AVG. im like 90% sure its AVG! im in safe mode with network. i uninstalled AVG in safe mode. lets see if it lock up again.

btw i also have malawarebytes installed.... maybe AVG and malawarebytes conflict each other causing lock up? hmm i dont think so though. i think it just AVG. but anyway i installed malawarebytes as well just to make sure.

another update:
i disable lots of stuff in startup. also uninstalled AVG and malabytes. still lock ups! but what i notice is that it dont seems to lock up in safe mode! so next test i will use in safe mode for long duration of time and see if it locks up.

another update:
dammm another problem. now my video playback has choppyness! not smooth! when playing videos in windows media. it happen after i going through task manager disabling stuff like services..... i wasnt being careful i just do it. i may have disable something that may have cause this unstable video play back. it even warn before disabling something about may cause unstable system if disable. youtube video seems fine. just the video on my hard drive is not smooth. i even play it on VLC player and still the same.

or it just my graphic card is messing up? what backs this theory is that now whenever i restart..... it always have this smere screen like a blue smere lines before it shows windows logo.

who can help? any ideas?

update video playback solution:
yo0osh! i downloaded media codec at download dot com and it works flawless now! smooth! probly i accidently delete some codec causing it not to play smooth or something. who can guess? anyway still the lock up problem not solved.

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