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genericllama December 26, 2012 12:36 AM

New ssd (intel 335) Bsod issues : SOLVED
To get straight to the point. I received a new intel 335 for Christmas (woot) and ive been in the process of install and updating. I downloaded and tried to install intel's matrix storage manager to find out that "my system doesn't meet minimum requirements". Upon further investigation I realize my mobo was set to IDE mode (therefor being the problem for that situation) So upon changing it to ACHI, i get a BSOD a half second after i see the "starting Windows screen". It only boots in IDE mode (but then im pretty sure i cant benefit from TRIM commands which is bad news)

Im in the process (after i post this) to try diffrent sata ports just to satisfy my curiosity.

Currently running and Asus P5Q vanilla, latest bios (10CHR bridge) (lga775)
(im also aware im running an sata 3 on sata 2, to my knowledge that shouldn't be a problem besides a loss of speed, unless im wrong?)

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks HWC crew


Maybe its as simple as reformatting again and properly installing Win7 with ACHI instead of my accidental IDE? haha


Well thank you google, figured out a simple solution -Sorry for the post

copy-pasted solution:

"AHCI is fully supported in Microsoft Windows Vista and the Linux operating system from kernel 2.6.19. Older operating systems like Windows XP require drivers written by the host bus adapter vendor in order to support AHCI. Windows XP requires the installation of a vendor-specific driver even if AHCI is present on the host bus adapter because Windows XP was released before Serial ATA was invented.
By default, MS Vista and 7 have the Msahci driver disabled.

So, how to enable AHCI if you already install Windows Vista/Windows 7 using IDE interface.

Solution…(Always back up the registry key prior to making changes)

1. Exit all Windows-based programs.
2. Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
3. If you receive the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.
4. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Msahci

5. In the right pane, right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.
6. In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
7. On the File menu, click Exit to close Registry Editor

Restart and go into the BIOS and make the changes from IDE to AHCI and restart and away you go.

I've made the change and no problems thus far, but I have not noticed any change in performance.

Hope this helps. "

Perineum December 26, 2012 09:28 AM

Yes, this is the solution, I've had to use this many times and the result with regards to SSD benchmarks has been fine.

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