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Magnetic December 23, 2012 04:41 PM

Upon starting my computer this morning my computer had a BSOD. I wasn't at the pc when it happened but on inspection of the error in safe mode that is what was indicated. I proceeded to reboot the system in normal mode and the system became unstable(program crashing, windows bar dissapearing) so at this point I dedided to do a full restore of my system. I wasn't able do to a restore from my WHS because of an "unknown network error".

I did a memtest = no errors
Ran intel ssd toolbox = no errors
Running prime 95 = no errors so far(1h)

I would consider the matter closed however, my software firewall doesn't block banners anymore. When I last rebooted I noticed the problem after visiting this website and others. I check the configuration and tick box was now unticked. I changed it back but it is still not working. Is there underling problem with my ssd corrupting data? Or maybe something else...


intel 3570k @ 4gz 1.025v
msi z77 gd65
intel 520 240g firmware 400i
16g corsair vengeance 1600mhz
HIS 6870 stock

Funguseater December 24, 2012 01:55 PM


I would run a full scan from Malwarebytes or Microsoft security scanner (its pretty good at finding things avast didn't) just to be safe. Firewall settings shouldn't be changin by themselves, it seems a little suspicious.


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