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tethlah December 19, 2012 08:27 PM

Trying to get a USB keyboard to work on a netbook with no OS
So here is an interesting case. I have what is basically left of a netbook, the screen was demolished, keyboard and mousepad destroyed by what it looks to be someone trying to open the thing up but just ripped it apart instead. As soon as I saw this i removed the screen, and entire top casing of the netbook including the keyboard considering it had been ripped apart. I tossed all this crap and set it aside to see if i could salvage it later.

So now it's later, I clean the thing up, toss in a new clean HD and decide I'm going to turn this little bugger into a small HTPC to lock onto the back of one of my big screens. I toss XBMCBuntu onto a thumb drive and the thing starts up in live mode, and everything works!

EXCEPT, I can't get a keyboard to work on the damn thing. I'm obviously never going to get an OS installed on this computer without a keyboard, and in case you were wondering, I can SSH into it, but XBMCBuntu live doesn't allow remote connections so there is no way to actually log in and try to initiate an installation remotely. I honestly don't know what this netbook is considering there are no identifiers on it to even tell me what brand it is, other than when it boots the bios says it's a gateway. Considering I got my TV to pull an image off the live disk, it's safe to say I could load up an HD with something and get this thing working if only I could get a USB keyboard to work on it.

Any ideas? My other thought is to disconnect my HD in my computer and run an adapter to this HD I'm tossing in the notebook and installed XBMCBuntu on it that way, configure it for remote connections, then connect to it over ssh to configure it. But then anytime I have some sort of major problem with the thing I'd have to do that same process with it because I can't connect a keyboard to it.

Any suggestions would be awesome, or if anyone knows why this thing wont accept a USB keyboard by default.

KaptCrunch December 19, 2012 10:29 PM

you got in bios ? if do, turn on usb kb mouse

tethlah December 19, 2012 10:30 PM

No, I don't get it in Bios, it's not even putting out enough power to the kb to light the caps lock

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