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martin_metal_88 December 17, 2012 07:46 AM

No boot after SSD died
He guys, long time not posting over here!
I am not into the computer world anymore and I have a issue with my computer I can't figure out or find the cause.
Yesterday when I came home my computer was still open, as usual. When I opened my screen and tried to do few thing the computer was all clumsy and crap. Pressing start showed me no icon at all and reset wasn't working so I just reseted the computer. After the reset, bios told me no boot device detected and the SSD wasn't showing in the bios. Figured out pretty fast it died in my face. So just unpluged it and threw in a new windows on another drive. Install went fine, went in windows, installed display driver restarted. Then windows boot but after the windows 7 logo the screen goes black light up but black. ) I can get in safe mode no problem. So I re-installed again but this time without video driver. Only went into windows and restarted. Same issue again! All 4 drive are fine, ram is fine to. And I'm stuck there. Any idea for me?

martin_metal_88 December 17, 2012 09:32 AM

Ok figured out what was the issue. All of a sudden my screen showed up an empty windows background no icon or task bar. Like a secondary screen. I then figured there was an HDMI cable connected to my video card, no idea why since I have no HDMI computer screen?

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