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t33hp November 8, 2012 03:15 AM

Steel Series Siberia V2 Bass Issue!
Hello guys, :clap:

I have had my sssv2 for about one year now and it has been to good use.
Though now I have no more bass!? :angry2:

I dropped my sssv2 from a height of about 1 metre onto wooden timber and I put them back on and the sound
seemed different and only 1 ear was working. I knocked it a bit and the other ear started working though
the bass was still not working. I've been knocking it around here and there (I know it's not the best method)
though I still cannot seem to get the bass working once again; listening out of it now is painful.
I have dropped the sssv2 before, multiple times actually (4 times~) from a height of about 1 metre though
this time, it seems to be its death. :whistle:
It does sound like the plug is half plugged in but I have checked multiple times and re-plugged it back in
multiple times but no solution arises.

Anyone know how to fix this ? Or is it time for me to get a new headset..? :blarg:

My mum is not much of a fan of me spending hundreds on 'gaming' equipment or spending hundreds overall
so I know the purchasing a new headset part will be painful; I also liked the sssv2 but I don't like buying the same things... :sad:

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