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rickbmb October 28, 2012 04:01 PM

Is my mobo done, cpu ??
I've been having some issues with my pc lately, slowing down, bsod, etc... After running memtest, i found out that I had a bad stick of ram, bought a new set of the same ram.
Pc still seemed unhappy so i decided to format and do a fresh install of windows 7 64.

Windows seems to install fine, gets in desktop and downloads the first run of windows update, asks me to restart and I do. Where I should see the box to type in my password to get into windows, black screen with mouse cursor only. Tried to restart a few times, same thing. I can only start windows in safe mode with networking.

I re-installed windows 3 more times with the same result. Tought that maybe my hard drive was done so I got a new one, wanted to get an ssd anyway.

Installed windows on the new ssd, same thing again ?!?! Only works in safe mode.
I tried one more time and this time, i disabled automatic windows update during setup so I could install my video card driver first. Again, on restart, black screen with mouse cursor.

Don't know what to do now, new ram (tested fine in memtest), new ssd, bad mobo ?? cpu ??

Amd 955
gygabyte ga-890fxa-ud5
8gb gskill ripjaws 10666
Wd caviar black 1tb (now kingston ssd hyperx 3k 240gb)
asus 5850 top cu
corsair 750w psu

moocow October 28, 2012 04:06 PM

Try swapping out cables first. I had similar issues and thought my HDD is dying but turned out to be SATA cable that was messed up.

rickbmb October 28, 2012 06:27 PM

I narrowed it down the video card or the pci slot. If I installed the driver for it, black screen with mouse cursor and if I leave windows automatic update on, it installs some sort of microsoft driver that activates my video card, black screen again.

I'm gonna switch the card to a different slot and see what happens.

random_2 November 8, 2012 02:58 AM

For future reference and in case OP comes back.

I had this problem, (W-7 64bit) however not quite as bad. PC would stall at the cursor but would eventually boot if given enough time, (2 or 3 minutes). I had read somewhere that this may be related to too many USB devices connected. As it happens I had the usual mouse and keyboard, but also 3 external HDDs.
Further research lead me to a forum where a poster had disabled the USB storage function in the BIOS. Once I did that everything is back to normal with fast boot times. No problem with functionality of the HHDs or other USB peripherals was noticed.

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