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frontier204 October 26, 2012 08:24 PM

Intermittent stress test program?
Hi all,

Are there stress test programs that I can configure to pause at certain intervals to test whether my computer will crash when a stressful application starts or exits?

I ask this because with my DP67DE motherboard-limited overclock, I get BSOD or lose keyboard and UI (but oddly not mouse) if I open a web browser AFTER a long gaming session. (Not before or during.)

The motherboard's puny 3+1 regulator probably can't do the step from idle all the way to overclocked voltages without introducing a lot of nasty transients. I do have a 40mm fan pointed at the VRM but the air flow is impeded by the CPU heat sink since the MOSFETs are so close to the CPU socket, and my use of a Prolimatech Megahalems tower cooler because a decent downdraft won't fit with my GTX 660 Ti (hits the backside of the card) probably isn't helping.

Of course this is not easy to reproduce, so that's why I'm wondering if there's a program that can simulate this scenario. I'm thinking some sort of stress test that goes 30 minutes on, then 2 minutes off, then 30 minutes on again or something like that.


EDIT: Feel free to move into Overclocking if it may be more useful there, although I am trying to troubleshoot a motherboard that I've been "redlining" the VRMs on for months :bleh:

3.0charlie October 26, 2012 08:33 PM

Linx may fit the bill, since between 2 passes it drops the CPUs to idle. Just check the 'all' memory setting, select 3 runs and let it rip.

LinX - A simple Linpack interface

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