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PcWizTech October 20, 2012 12:51 PM

Wiping a SSD?
Hi there,

Quick question. I read online that formatting an SSD is not a good idea. I want to wipe it clean to do a clean install of windows 7 (i've been running into A LOT of problems) so i just want to restore it to out of the box condition and just install windows again. Anyone know the best method?

My second question is the following: I use the SSD for programs and the OS itself. Under the documents,pictures, music, and video libraries i have it set up for me K drive which is my 1tb hdd. If i wipe clean my SSD, will it affect the libraries on the HDD? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I just noticed I'm not getting a BSOD anymore (for now), unless i play NFS: The Run. Anyone know what could be causing this. It would be amazing if i could resolve the issue without having to reinstall windows.

NyteOwl October 20, 2012 04:04 PM

Due to the wear leveling and housekeeping features of SSD's they are particularly hard to wipe clean. The best approach (which really needs to be done when you first install them) is to use them encrypted. That way you just reformat if needs be and continue on using them. You can try writing 0 to the entire drive but it doesn't always work.

BeaverBender October 20, 2012 04:31 PM

It depends on what type of SSD you have. If it is a Sandforce drive then I would most definitely agree that you should not secure erase it. If however, it does not have a Sandforce controller, then I would use PartedMagic's secure erase function to achieve the best results... performance will actually improve after you do this.

PcWizTech October 21, 2012 01:02 AM

Will my libraries from my K drive be affected? And also is there a way to fix my BSOD issue? It only happens when I play games

AkG October 21, 2012 10:34 AM

There seams to be some misinformation going one here. 1) Doing a Sanitary erase will not hurt your ssd. Its only when peeps do it on a weekly bassis that they can run into issues. 2) Sani Erase is the only way to get a drive back to factory speeds. Trim will get you close but if you want the most speed AND want to be sure the drive is prisitine condition...its the only way. 3) Secure erase / sanitary erase....its the same thing. About the only thing that is NOT the same is a DBAN (D's boot and Nuke). THAT is not a good idea. 4) using them encrypted is not a good idea UNLESS you want your data encrypted (d'uh). SF2281 auto encrypt and compress doubling up on it w/ software encryption wont help. Encrypting on non-SF drives also wont help....it just slows shite down. TRIM command sent to the ssd during a quick format WILL nuke the data. IF you want to be 100% sure then you run a sanitary erase. THAT removes all traces of data...period.

BSODS can be caused by any number problems. Bad ram, bad drivers, bad...anything. Nuking and starting from scratch will eliminate the drive possibilities...but will do jack good IF its a hardware issue. Write down the BSOD code and see what it points to FIRST. Where its only happening during gaming my guess is either bad over clock, bad drivers, bad ram or bad GPU. The SSD being the root cause is further down the list of suspects.

BeaverBender October 21, 2012 10:56 AM

So, please be specific about which information is "misinformation" in this thread, at least as you define it.

AkG October 21, 2012 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by BeaverBender (Post 664588)
So, please be specific about which information is "misinformation" in this thread, at least as you define it.

Basically most of what was given as advice was either wrong, half right or (to be kind) just plain foolish. Telling someone not to sanitary erase their drive as it may hurt their drive is just plain stupid.

Telling someone to do a Tony Trim in this day and age...on a modern SSD? Based on what information did anyone here think THAT was the best action for the OP to undertake?

In case you dont know what that is....writing FFs to the entire drive is an old school method which was half of the "Tony Trim" method. Its the brute force method of doing things. It IS very hard on the NAND...and w/ SF controller based drives you need to run it a MINIMUM of 4 times as they COMPRESS all data. TT was make obsolete the day TRIM became the norm...and ITGC/BGGC became refined (and reliable). It goes back to the JM6 series days of SSD controllers...when ITGC was a new idea and TRIM was still a gleam in the engineer's eyes.

Telling someone that secure erase is not safe is also just plain wrong. CAN it be harmful...yeah it can be. Kinda sorta. It can remove all the data the drives controller has on the state of the NAND (along with everything else) and can potentially cause NAND w/ fewer writes left to be used before 'healthier' NAND. If the OP had done it w/ certain SSDS on rig A then moved it to rig B before re-initializing the drive....yeah that can lead to problems.

Honestly during testing I do 20+ sani erases on drives. I have yet to kill one by doing a sani-erase. You guys were either mistaking DBAN with a normal sanitary erase...or reading info written by someone doing the same thing. Either way, it was the blind leading the blind.

More to the point....the OP is getting random BSODs when he plays games. That points more towards the GPU and or ram than the SSD. Of course...the first thing we as a forum should have told him was "GIVE US MOE INFORMATION". Why have someone do a sani erase and start from scratch when it may or may not even help? Thats just plain arse backwards.

PcWizTech October 21, 2012 11:45 AM

Quick question, is there a way to just reinstall all drives? I heard of Windows 7 Upgrade Repair or something, but when i tried to do that (to reinstall all the drivers) i was getting "the windows you are currently on is newer than the one you're installing" or something along those lines. Any help on that? Cheers.

BeaverBender October 21, 2012 11:56 AM

Yes, you are correct AKG, I have no clue about technology. Worked in the industry since it's inception, well before SSDs even existed, and I've literally sold and installed tens of thousands of them. But I don't expect you, or anyone else for that matter, to necessarily believe me out of hand. To you I am just someone on the Internet... Why would you believe me? I realize a number of people here have actually met one another and so have a more informed opinion of each other, but not so for me, so I am an unknown. I think you have missed the point of the Op, and my posts for that matter, but that is just my opinion.

Edit: as to your most recent query Pcwiz, I'm not sure about that error without seeing your full config.

PcWizTech October 21, 2012 12:19 PM

Please no arguments ^.^ I'm just looking for help, I don't care who its from. It's all appreciated :)

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