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[nK]Sharp September 10, 2012 01:57 PM

Anywhere to check length of PSU cables?
Currently using a silverstone strider 1200w. Tried looking in their online manual but only see electrical specifications. Just wondering if I can do this the lazy way, if not I'll probably just measure it all out since I'm probably getting sleeving sometime this week (once Nils' shop is open).

Probably don't even need that much since I am only using one gpu and no optical drives at the moment. I just hope I can do somewhere close to the level of lowfats builds :clap:

Galcobar September 10, 2012 03:06 PM

If your PSU has been reviewed on jonnyguru.com, then you should be able to find the cable lengths there.

Slaughter September 10, 2012 03:30 PM

Connectors supplied are:
1 x 24 / 20-Pin Motherboard connector (550mm)
1 x 8 / 4-Pin EPS / ATX 12V connector (750mm)
1 x 8 / 4-Pin EPS / ATX 12V connector (550mm)
4 x 8/6-Pin PCIE connector (550mm)
4 x 6-Pin PCIE connector (550mm / 150mm)
16 x SATA connector (600mm / 150mm / 150mm/150mm)
6 x 4-Pin Peripheral connector (600mm / 150mm / 150mm)
2 x 4-Pin Floppy connector (600mm / 150mm / 150mm / 150mm)

Reference -> http://www.kitguru.net/components/po...st-st1200-g/2/

[nK]Sharp September 10, 2012 04:55 PM

Thanks, I had seen the same measurements for a similar SS psu but wasn't sure if it would be the same.

I got 118ft required for what I currently have installed then, assuming 1ft per fan which I'll just double check once I get home.

Just going to get 150ft just to be very safe and possibly sleeve more of the PSU since I want to add another GPU eventually. Going to go with probably 70% red 30% black and try and mix them somehow. Time to start on sketches on how to make my 24 pin.

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