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souster July 7, 2012 02:54 PM

Orange-ish horizontal lines flash randomly
Hi Guys,

So I made a new computer from scratch and since first boot i've been seeing Orange Horizontal lines flash when transitioning through screens (startup passing through bios -> windows, desktop > Starcraft 2, Screen awake > screen shutting going to sleep, etc, etc. ) (NOTE: THEY HAPPEN RANDOM, sometimes they don't appear, sometimes they do.

I'm using a Samsung 23" SyncMaster 2333,

Asus P8Z77-V PRO
i5 3570k
Kuhler 620
Corsair (2) 4g 1600mhz sticks
Vertex 4 126 SSD

Using ONboard graphics (NO GPU as my CPU has HD Graphics 4000)

I've tried changing the connection cords to my screen from the pc (didn't change anything, and NOTE that the lines only happen when using DVI i believe)

I've tried different screens, no orange lines but different scenarios happen like blinking green 1/3rd of top of screen)

i've tried using the normal blue screen adapter (where as lines don't appear (with little testing), but see the green flash scenario on top of screen.

I even just got a direct replacement motherboard and am still see them occur (First boot up, it'd only happen through the bios transitions), then i fiddled with my ram to test each stick, and it then started to occur normally like on other motherboard (don't know if this matters as it could've been just not happening on first few startups before fiddling with ram)

P.S, this is really stressing me out and i'm sorry if this wasn't written out appropriately (hard to understand)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as i cannot find ANY info anywhere!

Thanks! (If there's something i left out let me know and i'll get back ASAP)

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