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hedgehog88 June 15, 2012 03:30 PM

Format RAID 10 HDDs if want to add 2 more HDDs?
I would like to installed 2 new HDDs to my existing RAID 10 registered for a total of 6 drives. I'm using the on-board RAID setup. Would I need to format the entire current RAID setup in order to install the 2 extra drives or is it possible to install it and have it rebuild itself including the 2 new drives without losing any data?

BlueByte June 16, 2012 06:17 PM

That is RAID 50 at that point, two stripping RAID 5s(if I am reading what you want to do right). You can expand RAID arrays with decent RAID cards but I am thinking with on board you are stuck backing up, hitting the delete array button and creating a new one. I doubt your on board will let you do RAID 50 now that I think about it as well. IF you insist on that setup with your existing hardware it would have to be two RAID 5's stripped through the OS software.... kind of a head ache and asking for problems.

What are you doing with the array? does it have to be one single RAID and extra redundancy? if so go RAID 6

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