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Matthecat June 5, 2012 11:25 AM

Computer keeps turning on and off on it's own
Last night I was playing LoL. After I got out of the game my computer blue screened and said there had been damage due to overclocking. I tried to restart my system but it just keeps booting, then shutting down in a loop on its own. This morning I cleaned everything out and reapplied the thermal paste and it still keeps happening. I also tried booting it with the bare essentials and to the same result. Any ideas whether it's the PSU or CPU. I had my CPU overclocked to 4GHz.
Here are my system specs:
CPU: i5 2500k
Mobo: Gigabyte z68xp UD4
PSU: Corsair AX 850
Ram: 8gb gskill ripjaws 1600
GPU: Sapphire HD 6950 toxic edition
HSF: CM Hyper 212+
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB
Case: Corsair 600t White SE

great_big_abyss June 5, 2012 11:44 AM

Have you tried resetting the bios to stock settings?

Does it post?

Try to boot with each stick of ram individually.

Matthecat June 5, 2012 11:50 AM

Tried rebooting with each stick of ram, didn't work. I can't get to the bios and I have no idea what post is lol.

Ok so I figured out how to get to the post screen but it just shuts off right after that.

great_big_abyss June 5, 2012 12:36 PM

So, the computer posts (beeps) when you turn it on, then restarts again? It doesn't go into a windows loading screen at all?

If it posts, you should be able to get into the bios by pressing del repeatedly right after your computer beeps. Then you can reset it to default and see if it loads.

If not, try resetting your cmos. This will clear your BIOS and return it to a default state. Once you've done that, I would check to version of your bios to make sure that it is up to date. Might as well do this before you apply any more overclocks.

How to Reset Bios

Check with your motherboard manual to be absolutely sure that this will clear the cmos. You'll have to redo your overclock, but it should work.

Matthecat June 5, 2012 01:19 PM

Tried resetting the CMOS by removing the batter and touching the jumpers with a screwdriver like the manual told me and still nothing. No my computer doesn't even reach a windows screen. It starts for about 2 seconds then shuts off. After that it starts and I can see the gigabyte logo. I can press tab to post and it will load the memory then freeze and restart without beeping.

great_big_abyss June 5, 2012 01:28 PM

Okay, that's pretty much the extent of my very modest computer knowledge, sorry.

Maybe try booting with another video card?

Do you have access to another LGA1155 system (maybe a friend's) that you can test your processor/RAM on?

Hopefully someone else out there knows of a possible easy solution.

Matthecat June 5, 2012 01:32 PM

Thanks anyways

great_big_abyss June 5, 2012 01:37 PM

Maybe try booting without the video card using the hdmi on the motherboard itself.

Matthecat June 5, 2012 01:41 PM

Tried that too, this is really getting annoying lol. Others have had the same problem with the same motherboard but none of the fixes are working for me so far.

clone63 June 5, 2012 01:46 PM

Does it restart while sitting at the BIOS screen?
If yes, you could either try getting a new BIOS chip, or a different power supply (in the rare chance it's glitching out), or maybe all new ram. Just the cheapest 1gb stick you could find lol.
If not, try flashing to different BIOS version.

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