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McDuff April 24, 2012 04:44 AM

Random reboot with new build
Hello everyone,

Last night, I build a PC for a friend who does video editing/encoding. Here are the specs:

i7 2700k (at stock speed, stock cooler, automatic voltage and default options set in BIOS)
Asus P8Z68-V LE (latest BIOS version was intalled before installing Windows)
2x8GB DDR3-1600 G-Skill (in two blue memory ports like manual says, set to DDR3-1600, auto timings (which are ok) and to 1.5 v in BIOS)
256GB Crucial M4 SSD (on SATA 6 gbps port 1, latest firmware was installed before installing Windows)
2x3TB Wester digital Green (on SATA 3 gbps port 1 & 2)
LG Blu Ray Writer (SATA 3gbps port 3)
LG DVD Writer (SATA 3gbps port 4)
Asus PCI-E Wireless Adapter (plugged in the closest PCI-E port)
XFX 650W PSU (one of the SATA power cord is used for the DVD/BR drives, the other is used for the 2 HDD and the SSD)
Antec P280 (with additional front panel fan.)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OEM

After installing Windows, I successfully installed all the latest drivers from the Asus download page for the P8Z68-V LE and the device manager does not have any exclamation marks. Then, the computer did a random reboot while I was in the middle of installing Windows updates. Because I wanted to make sure the system was stable, I ran prime95 (blend) & realtemp. The computer rebooted after about 10 minutes. Idle CPU temp is about 37C and 81C at full load.

I was wondering, is the crash with prime 95 normal since I am using the stock cooler? Note that my friend is going to use CPU intensive apps (i.e. Adobe Premiere and lots of encoding jobs).

What test/app could I do run to make sure that the build is stable?

Is there any software that can give more information on the latest crash?

Thank you for your help!

sswilson April 24, 2012 04:47 AM

No discrete vid card?

McDuff April 24, 2012 05:03 AM


sswilson April 24, 2012 05:13 AM

If I had a machine rebooting 10 minutes into prime, the first thing I'd be looking at would be a slight bump in both NB V, and Dram V.

McDuff April 24, 2012 05:19 AM


Originally Posted by sswilson (Post 623289)
If I had a machine rebooting 10 minutes into prime, the first thing I'd be looking at would be a slight bump in both NB V, and Dram V.

Ok I will try that tonight. Any suggestions on the voltages values I should be using?

sswilson April 24, 2012 05:22 AM

Hopefully the bios will tell you what stock settings it's using, otherwise, check for motherboard monitoring software which should tell you. Just give it a slight tweak from what it's currently sitting at. Wouldn't need to be much.

McDuff April 24, 2012 04:39 PM

I did what was suggested on this tom's hardware post. It worked for 17 minutes...

I will attempt to increase the voltage now. CPU-Z reports 1.248V. I will try 1.3V.

McDuff April 24, 2012 05:00 PM

With 1.3V in the bios, I get 1.272-1.280V in CPU-Z. The computer rebooted after 7 minutes of priming... any suggestions?

McDuff April 24, 2012 05:29 PM

I reran with a slightly lower voltage and the computer reboots when the CPU temperature is close to 93C. I'm putting the CPU voltage to back to auto and increasing the ram voltage by a little.

sswilson April 24, 2012 05:42 PM

I'm assuming you're using the stock cooler? Those temps are pretty warm, do you have more Thermal compound to try a reseat?

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