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Old March 24, 2008, 03:09 PM
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it sounds very much like you have a driver issue. Heres my suggestion, go to the "run" command in your start up menu, type in MSCONFIG, on the right hand side you'll see a tab named "services" go there, then on the bottom of the window you'll see "hide all microsoft" check that, then disable anything thats left and reboot your computer. When your back on your desktop after the reboot you'll get a message that your using a diagnostic feature or something like that, just ignore it. Try playing a game like that (online probly wont work becuase punkbuster was in the list of diabled services) and see if your computer BSODs if it doesnt, the problem is one of the services you disabled. At that point you can start re enabling the services one at a time untill the system becomes unstable, then you'll have your culprit.

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Old March 24, 2008, 03:29 PM
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Thks I will try the MSCONFIG elimination if problem appears again after 4th clean installation (Actually I was so upset this morning I already reformat under XP , before going to work, the Partition corresponding to Vista HPre x64.

I will keep your inform if I get it to work properly.

Thks again Tzetsin

It's been the 4th and 5th time now I am trying to install Vista x64 and after reformat each time the Partition where I want to install it during installation, Installation start until it restarts the PC for last part of Vista configuration, bt it does not pass the first screen, Vista stays for hours on the load screen (the one with just the name of microsoft and the bar with some kind of green think moving from one side to the other of the bar). In each installation I always put No authomatic registry because I was worry of not being able to reinstall if some problem occurs (wasn't wrong!)

So now I am thinking:
- Is it possible that after the third time using the DVD to install it some kind of security pf Microsoft is bloking the next installation????? When activation is on authomatic it says that it will regitry after 3 days, I haven't put on authomatic, but my first intent of installation was 3 days ago!!!

- Could my HDD get damaged for so much formating?
- Should I also reset CMOS before next intent of installation?

Thks again for you help,
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