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Kommie986 October 13, 2011 01:43 PM

LGA 775 Rig Issues
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The original problem was that there was a BSOD, and then when I tried to boot up (Windows Vista 64-bit), it would just BSOD right after the Windows loading bar. Would still happen when I tried to go into safe mode. I tried relocating and using only one RAM stick, unplugging unnecessary stuff, etc. Still had same issue, so I RMA'd it. I got it back, and when I put everything back together and pressed the power button, the fans would ramp up for like half a second and shut off again. So I RMA'd it again, and this is the current one I have. I put everything back, and I got the same issue (sometimes, it would boot and post, but would freeze at the BIOS screen). So I thought it might be my CPU issue, so with my latest ordered, I ordered a cheap Centrino 775 CPU. I put everything together (last night), and it still won't work. I only have the bare minimum plugged in. What would happen is that if it does post, it would BSOD after the Windows loading bar again. And sometimes, the fans would ramp up, ramp down (like it does before the post beep), then ramp back up, then back down, and so on. I also thought I fried the CPU/socket, but I think it might just because I was using too much thermal paste (and not cleaning off the cooler). There was smoke and the sound you hear when you put vegetables in a hot wok. On inspecting my CPU, it looked fine (just the thermal paste looked bubbled). So basically my questions are:
1. Do you guys think it's still the motherboard that's faulty?
2. Do you think my CPU/motherboard are fried? I will post pictures. Personally, I don't think so because it still can post (but will still BSOD at the Windows loading bar), but I'm no expert.
Thanks in advance.

stoanee October 13, 2011 01:59 PM

Do you have some different ram you can try?

Kommie986 October 13, 2011 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by stoanee (Post 557306)
Do you have some different ram you can try?

No. Not too keen on buying DDR2 RAM. However, I have tried both sticks one at a time (same issue).

yycraven October 13, 2011 03:06 PM

Where was the smoke coming from and that sound you heard. was it from the CPU or Motherboard, you did not short the system out did you.
check all your connects at your PSU.

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