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Old September 10, 2011, 04:59 PM
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Well, I contacted EVGA support and they told me to run their OC Scanner. So I did, but either it didn't work properly or I ran it at the wrong settings: when I started the test, it showed my Fan Speed at 10% and Fan speed: -1 RPM. Then I ran it at 256x256 but the "E" on the screen never moved (normal or not?); the end result was the card being at 55c, load 99% and fan still at 10%. EVGA wrote back to me and said "With the gpu passing the OC Scanner with no problems as you have reported. This would indicate that the card does potentially not have any issues with it" and told me it is probably other things like memory or CPU. I don't think my fan being stuck at 10% and -1 seems normal..

Is 256x256 the correct setting to run the test at, or are you supposed to do it on full screen? I've looked up screenshots but see different settings, so I'm not sure.

I honestly think the fan on my card is busted on auto mode, because if I adjust the fan speed to 50-75% I will not see any artifacts on videos/games - unless the temp gets around 45+ (which is still an issue, actually). If I leave the fan on auto, running any kind of video at 42+ will give me artifacts, so I think it's safe to say it IS my card. Only it seems EVGA is trying to tell me it's something else so that they don't have to give me an RMA. What should I do? :/

Edit: Seems like the card is sometimes okay at 50 C when the fan is 50-75%, but basically anything above 45 C and it will get moody regardless of fan speed.

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