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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I'll give you an example with my own set up, I will idle a good 5-10C cooler when i run my 940 at stock compared to when I run it at 3.8 or 4GHz, this is all due to the increase vCore and the fact its running at a faster speed.
aarrrgghh now that's more familiar, I guess I was looking back to my old QX to much. coz it used to idle mid 20s at stock and it shooted all the way up to 40+ being only at 3.8. not that i was expecting the 2.6K to idle the same temp as my QX, it's just coincidental that my QX idles mid 20s at stock and my 2.6K idles around mid 30s at 4.5 which lead me to expect lower temps which is mid 20s because of my knowledge that 1555 runs alot cooler. hope that made sense lol.


Originally Posted by roh_ultima View Post
have you tried looking up reviews....

seems its right in line

Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review

Noctua Intel LGA775/1156 Heatsink Temperature Comparisons - NH-C14 FrostyTech Review

Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review. Page 5 - X-bit labs

considering a little while back, 40/50 C idle was normal
thanks for digging the links, i actually never saw the Frosty's review on it. was aware of the other two but since they used different cpus I didn't think it'd be valid to compare.


Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
Very normal. Enjoy it! The 2600k runs soooo much cooler than 1366 socket processors. Dont reseat too much, I damaged my 1366 board recently:(

Originally Posted by NI3 View Post
What are your load temps, just out of curiosity?
with case open, ambient around 20. maxed out at 69 and closed 75 tops. this is with IntelBurnTest by the way, 6114MB 10 runs. used IBT with my old rig and it's rock solid.


Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
100% Normal
good to hear, especially from a reviewer stand point


Originally Posted by Skyllz View Post
I stopped reading there.

Every CPU/setup/OC will give slightly different result. Depends on the case ventilation/fans, are you open benching it with a 12 inch fan on the motherboard, ect...

So you are idling around 30 degrees on a OC'ed CPU, without knowing more details, i'll say you are in the ballpark, not worry about it, enjoy your PC.
i'm actually just tryin to achieve as much oc as possible while being rock solid. but i'll whip out the stock cooler actually even tho it's crap lol, at least somethin to compare to coz u made a fundamental point of oc that i should of considered from the very start. every setup oc different and i need to find out mine.


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