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Old February 7, 2008, 05:08 PM
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Default wake on USB?

Ok I dunno if this is problem with my board being old and almost shot, or if its just a setting. My AOpen AX-45V is starting up, from a dead cold shutdown state, powered off, you name it, when a USB cable is plugged into it. The Caps are starting to go on this board, I know these ones were bad for it and its a shame cause otherwise its a nice old board. Its just funny because I never turned this on, or even knew that it had such a feature.
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Old February 9, 2008, 04:06 PM
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lol that is strange, i've heard of wake on lan and some keyboards, but not plugging in usb... but then my reclusa usb keyboard causes my system to hang for 15 seconds while booting the usb controller, and i never heard of such a thing before that either.

did it just start happening, or you just never really noticed it before? does it happen with anything that is usb, or usb keyboard/mouse only? Can you find an option in the bios that would enable/disable it?

either way, i cant really think of too many adverse effects of this situation, other than it being kind of annoying... but then if your annoyed by it just turn off the switch to the psu before plugging usb in. If you wanted it to go away, i would suggest resetting cmos, but make sure you write down any oc settings you have so you dont loose them.

otherwise, it just sounds like an interesting quirk, gives your pc some character... like when you have to boot the heater on an old chevy truck to get it to turn on lol

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