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hurricane_dave July 3, 2011 11:38 PM

6850 and driver problems (possibly cpu)
So I recently upgraded my pc, current: i5 2400, xfx 6850, 8gb ram. I was running the 6850 with my 955be but just switched out. So I put the new build together and start updating everything, all drivers etc... I install and reboot CCC 11.6 and everything just starts to stutter, every few seconds to the point where it's mind numbing. I uninstall 11.6, try 11.4 no luck, install 10.5 and then 11.2 on top of that and everything seems ok. Is this a common issue with amd cards? Is there something that can be done so I can use the 11.6 drivers or should i just keep trying new driver releases till one works? I only used the 6850 with the 955be for half a week or so, but did use the 11.6 drivers without issue.

_dangtx_ July 4, 2011 12:40 AM

its a combo of things if your card + those drivers were working previously fine

is this in all games,one game? could also be an aggressive profile for x or y game.

and welcome aboard

hurricane_dave July 4, 2011 01:42 PM

It's constant, not only with games, it happens when idle sitting on windows. Even seems to happen from time to time with 11.2, but with 11.6 and 11.4 it was constant all the time, no matter what I was doingon the computer.

hurricane_dave July 4, 2011 02:08 PM

The more I use it it seems like everything is sticking. I am wondering if this is not the gpu, but maybe the cpu... When I look at task manager everything changes constantly, cpu usage flutters from 9-26% constantly. Is that normal, when sitting idle?

_dangtx_ July 4, 2011 02:09 PM

and then you may load ubuntu on a cd or dvd and check if it still craps out? :)

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