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Old May 6, 2011, 10:59 PM
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Default Needs help before hemorrhage

I receintly upgraded to the 1155 socket with a intel i7 2600k CPU and a MSI P67A-G43 cheapo motherboard.

I have bin running a intel i3 540 intel cpu and I was eagerly anticipating the new upgrade.

My plan was to use the 8gb of 1333mhz ocz ram from my old i3 540 rig in the new rig.

Unfortunately after set up nothing worked. only sign of power was PSU light "on" no other signs including no fans either CPU, GPU, or PSU started.

I RMA'd the Motherboard with "NCIX" and they sent me back a brand new one with no problems, however I have a VIP membership with NCIX so they just shipped out a new one with out testing the old one.( if they did test the old one i was not notified of the resaults)

Once i received the 2nd New mobo i attempted the same set up as the 1st time, In which I used my old 8gb DDR3 1333mhz OCZ on the new MSI P67a-G43 motherboard with the Gen2 i7 2600k.

I checked the QVL list to find RAM not listed.

My RAM is 1.65v dual channel 2x4 gb sticks, so would it potentialy work with intel 2600k CPU that has a maximum 1.5v memory controller.
Will any 1.65v DDR3 dual channel RAM work with a 1155 2600k CPU and MSI P67A-G43 motherboard?

if i cannot find out any info by monday morning i will complete the 2nd RMA request and ship back the CPU and the Motherboard this time, I am hoping that i am not sending back perfectly working components.

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Some boards seem to run fine with 1.65V ram, others seem to not run properly that high. Intel says it "should be OK" but they also suggest using 1.5V for 24/7 use. Representatives from various ram companies say use 1.5V. I have the same board as you and it runs like a charm with 2x4GB of 1.5V Mushkin Stiletto.

Are you saying your replacement board is doing the same thing as the first time? If so, I suggest selling your kit and picking up a 1.5V kit. The 8GB Stiletto kit can be had for about $70 after rebate.
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