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Old May 4, 2011, 09:57 AM
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Default Dual-display issue (cannot see anything!) with ATI GPUs in CFX

Hey Canuks!

Recently unlocked, crossfired, OC'ed and burn tested my new 6950s to almost 6970s (10 MHz under stock 6970 speeds). Everything was going great, temps were stable at 90C so I hooked up my flat planel and noticed that the image, while being shown, was being shrunk.

No problem I thought, just need to fiddle with the CCC options for flat screens. So, I open up the CCC panel, click on Flat-Screen display config and do what I always do when I need to change something: experiment.

I saw a check box on the first page that looked like something I may want to change. So, I click it (turning it off), screen goes blank (main screen), and I wait for it to come back. After about 10secs I realize that whatever I had done, had infact not helped. The flat screen was showing "No Signal" and my monitor was just a big ol panel of black.

No worries I thought, just wait for it to revert the change back... but after about 30secs I realized that this was probably not going to happen. Again, no worries I thought, I'll just unplug the flat screen. Again, nothing. My main monitor was still unusable. Confused, I restarted my PC.

Everythign seems to be back to normal, so I opened CCC, selected the "Factory Defaults" option hoping to revert the change. Unfortunatly, after plugging in the flat panel again I was back where I started: main monitor black, flat panel with "no signal". Getting frustrated I took the HDMI cable from my flat planel and hooked it into my monitor only to be greeted by a : "Signal out of range" message.

From here, I do not know where to go. Dual monitors is something I rather like, and it would be nice if I could get this fixed at some point ><.

My set-up is as such:

HDMI -> Flat panel

DVI -> Monitor

Any help appreciated =D!
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Old May 4, 2011, 03:37 PM
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My System Specs


Remove the Crossfire bridge and possibly the 2nd card. Dual-monitors with Crossfire is very flaky at times I've found.

Alternatively, uninstall the drivers and run Driver Sweeper then re-install.

Either one should fix it, and next time maybe don't check that box off ;)
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