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Old March 15, 2011, 09:33 PM
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Default Laptop screen goes crazy, help

My gf has an almost 2 yrs old Toshiba Portege M800 laptop (with 1yr warranty only ) and her screen is acting up. At first a vertical line appeared near the right side of the screen. Ok it sucks but it's not worth spending money to fix.

Now theres about 6 lines bunched near one another on the right side again and sometimes the screen goes crazy, kinda like a television using bunny ears antenna receiving terrible signal : horizontal lines appear, screen shakes, sometimes you only see half the screen, it doesn't respond to mouse movements or keystrokes on the screen but you can still control the computer, like shut it down with the Windows key.

When I play with the angle of the screen before I could get it to come back to something normal, so I'm guessing there could be something wrong with the connection. But now it happens a lot more often and is a lot hard to fix. Happens during boot also, not only in Windows.

I'm guessing a connection problem, anyone has any other idea? I was thinking buying a new screen and trying to replace it myself, but if it's something more than a connection issue, might not be worth spending 100$ to fix it and she should simply buy herself a new laptop.

Tried googling the problem but I can't find anyone with this specific problem. Any help, comment or link is welcome! I'll try to get a pic or a short video to show the problem next time I see her.

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Old March 15, 2011, 10:41 PM
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start taking it apart, theres a site or two specialized in toshiba lappies, step by step(linkie eludes me at this point)

could be a cable thats going bad, but theres no guarantees. if its cheap? go for it, but if its more expensive than 50 bucks?

get another one.

also, if you hook it up to an external monitor its fine right?
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