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ultraman7k January 22, 2011 12:01 AM

eyefinity monitor flicker problem with new drivers
So i'm running eyefinity on my XFX 5850. i have it clocked to 800/1125 which has never caused me any problems. My monitors are also running as 3 separate displays, not one large screen.

So here are my problems. I've updated to the most recent drivers, and noticed that I get some pretty sever underclocks while on the desktop. It used to be 400/800 or so which never caused any problems. With the new drivers, it goes to 400/300.

Normally I don't suppose it's a problem, except every so often one of my monitors flicker like crazy. However, it flickers nearly 100% of the time while I am scrolling on a website.

I found this can be solved by keeping a youtube video open or whatever...then the clocks go to 400/900...but if I leave that open, it won't set itself to it's normal 800/1125 in game, as it will remain stuck on 400/900. I like to watch movies while I play WoW, so this poses a problem.

Also, I have noticed that in some loading screens like StarCraft 2, it will go from 800/1125 to 400/550 while loading and cause all sorts of flickering on one of the 3 screens.

Basically, what I would like to know is there any way to keep the new drivers (SC2 seems to demand it) and set the clocks because 400/300 just causes my screens to flicker like mad.

I understand that they are doing this to be more efficient, but it just causes a lot of headaches. I think I was using something like 10.04 or something like that, and never had any problems, but some of my games seem to need new drivers....


edit: i use Chrome, and the flickering seems less severe in Firefox.
also, watching movies using my media player of choice (Gom Player), clocks remain @ 400/300...

so infuriating.

Edit: ok, so i created an eyefinity grouping, and most problems went away, however, I lose the convenience of having my 3 individual monitor set up. I think these new drivers must not cater to that?

Either way I will be rolling back drivers ~ 10.05 ish.

Remoth January 22, 2011 02:57 AM

what has helped me was turning off amd overdrive in catalyst control center. i had horrible flickering in my eyefinity till i did this!

Arinoth January 22, 2011 08:00 AM

My eyefinity wont even kick down into that idle mode, i'm stuck 'idling' at core 300, memory full blown at 1050mhz

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