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NineLives July 5, 2010 10:31 PM

Win 7 Install hangs at Expanding files
I had windows 7 perfectly installed the first time I put the disk in, and then I messing with my Memory because its not displaying the correct speeds in the bios.

After setting the latencies and clock speed to the correct ones, win 7 wouldnt boot up. I thought It got corrupted, so I decided to re-install fresh again.... I formatted the partition wthout attemting to revert the old memory stuff back to normal.

I am just formating now, but before all of this the Expanding files step would just hang like noones buisness.
When I first installed it took like 15 minutes to do the whole thing!

If I do a full format of my main drive as I am doing now will it be okay? or do I have to clear the cmos?

I already reverted all of the settings back to normal via the option to do so within the Bios... so the installation part boots up just fine, but again running into the same problem.

SO.... Do you all think a fresh format of my C drive should do the trick?

stoanee July 6, 2010 06:26 AM

Could we get more info on your system specs please? What were your ram settings when you installed win 7 the first time? Unless you are putting in the wrong settings manually, I think that you may have some sort of incompatibility between your ram and mobo. Usually putting in the correct ram settings solves problems and does not create them. Triple check all your settings in bios. I would If it still will not install I would clear cmos and start again. There is also a possibility that your ram is bad. Can you take out one stick and try installing with that?

JD July 6, 2010 08:13 AM

Perhaps your disk or DVD drive is faulty too. You could try install off a USB as well assuming the disk is fine. Basically need to copy over all the contents of the DVD and run a few diskpart commands beforehand.

See here: Use a USB Key to Install Windows 7?Even on a Netbook

Shadowmeph July 6, 2010 09:01 AM

I think that before you try to reinstall windows 7 that you should set up your Bios the way you want it then install windows 7. on a side not I do find it curious that just changing your ram setting made win 7 not boot up you must have did something else or maybe the settings you used were incorrect. the first thing I would have done is tried to boot up from a live distro of linux or a live PE just to be sure that it is a OS problem. but I do think that you might have set your settings up wrong.

Now if you want to try and install windows 7 from a usb stick it is very easy to do, all you need to do is Just extract the iso onto your usb and rename the bootmgr to ntldr. and then Boot from usb and you are done.

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