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Old December 29, 2009, 01:53 PM
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Default EVGA X58 LE Network Issues

I have been having some minor problems with this board since I got it...

Started out running fine, no problems at all. Then it would randomly start giving me an error on boot that no operating system could be found, and press ctrl alt del to reboot. I'd then launch the recovery software from the Windows 7 DVD and do start-up repair, which would tell me there were no problems found. Reboot, and 95% of the time it would start up fine. This happened maybe 20% of the time at first, but it got to the point where I would just turn on my PC, get the error, reboot once (without even loading the Windows 7 DVD since it said nothing was wrong) and then it would work about 75% of the time on the second boot. After it gave this error for a few weeks, the Intel RAID thing reported one drive as having an error, but the array as functioning perfectly fine which makes no sense to me as an error in RAID0 would mean the array wouldn't function, and not only did the message after POST say it was fine, but it also ran perfectly fine once successfully booted into Windows.

So now, when I work up today, I booted my PC, and was as usual greeted by the "Operating system not found, press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot". I did of course, and then booted into Windows fine, except now Windows is reporting that the network adapter (the one built into the EVGA X58 LE) does not have a cable plugged into it. Great. I check the cable, plugged in on both ends, and the router is running fine as the rest of the computers have Internet. Plug in the second Internet connection I have to my house into the motherboard. No change. I double check and it is running fine as well. I plug each into my laptop and they both are detected and connect fine. So I figured I would address both these problems at once. I back up the few files I need to keep, and then start with a BIOS update, which again has no change. Next I reboot and reinstall Windows 7 x64 Ultimate from the DVD. A while later it is done and I boot into Windows. Network Cable Unplugged. Great... So I go to EVGA's website and download the newest version of the drivers. Install them. Reboot (even though it does not ask to do one). When I boot, it shows the trying to connect icon, and then... Network cable unplugged. So here we are now. Both Internet connections (which go to two separate routers, and ISPs) give nothing when the cable is plugged in, and even when changing it, the system doesn't detect anything. So now I am stuck as I have no idea what else to do. Ive reinstalled Windows, updated the BIOS and the drivers, and triple checked that the network adapter is enabled in the BIOS and still nothing. It is beginning to look to me like I am going to have to RMA this motherboard. Anyone have any other suggestions before I have to deal with disassembling this PC and being stuck with my laptop until the new one arrives?

EDIT: Wow, after like 2-3h of trouble shooting, it just randomly started working after I rebooted from installing my mouse and sound card drivers.
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Old December 29, 2009, 05:14 PM
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sounds like a bad serial cable or psu issue losing power to MB check both connnections serial ribbon and ATX connector
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Old December 29, 2009, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
sounds like a bad serial cable or psu issue losing power to MB check both connnections serial ribbon and ATX connector
I will bet you it's not the cable.........

for your nic, it's not rare to see on board nic came defective, if it was your only problem I will say buy a PCi nic card. it cost only few $, and it's not worth an RMA for it....but with your other problem.....first change the port of your sata Hard drive. I have 2 asus here that develop problem with the port 0. If it's fix the problem. just buy a Nic card , it will cost you less than an RMA
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