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Lpfan4ever August 16, 2009 12:41 PM

Auzentech Forte audio distortion
I recently purchased a Forte since my onboard is basically pooched. I've been noticing a recurring, but very random issue. I'll be in Ventrilo, playing music or watching an online video (Youtube, etc) and for about 30-60 seconds (haven't really paid attention to length, so it's an estimate) randomly, I'll get a weird distortion that affects everything audio-wise on my computer. It sounds like everything's slowed down and deeper while being distorted. It'll go away after those seconds, and then pop up randomly again after, but within a minute or two. If I close most of my programs, it usually won't occur again for a long time. (talking a day or so). When I get this weirdness, I usually have 2x VMWare Folding clients going and Ventrilo, along with another audio source (such as WMP or Youtube). The last time I got this distortion I was running what I mentioned before + a flash video online. After closing all of them it went away and hasn't occurred yet.
I was getting interference from my wireless network card when it was running in the x16 slot, so I moved it to the empty x1 slot right above it. I noticed I had this issue with both slots. I can not seem to reproduce it by doing anything specifically, it just seems to randomly occur.
I have done a driver repair with no luck, I need to attempt a whole driver wipe and reinstall. I'm just posting this just in case after the reinstall it still does it, I'll have some suggestions (hopefully) and other people with this issue may have some resources as I can not find anything about it.

joeperson August 16, 2009 12:57 PM

I've had similar issue. Usually vent is the only thing left open and closing it and reopening it ends the sound distortion.

Kattivo August 16, 2009 04:50 PM

I've had the same thing occur with mine, but it was due to it being in the slot right above my TV tuner card. Never had a problem with Ventrilo causing distortion, but seeing as there are two of you experiencing the same thing I'm not doubting it.

Are you using the drivers that are on the disc that came with it or the latest from Auzentech's website? I've had no luck with the drivers on the disc.

Lpfan4ever August 16, 2009 05:00 PM

Well I got called into work today so I couldn't continue troubleshooting. My computer is sitting there with Driver Cleaner doing it's magic, so when I get home I'll reinstall the drivers. If it happens again, I'll try closing Vent first and see if that fixes it (I always have vent open on my PC, always).
I'm using the latest ones from the Auzentech site, I never use ancient disk drivers :bleh:

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