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martin_metal_88 May 31, 2009 06:00 PM

Front panel ground?
Hey guys, I note that some Antec Nine Hundred two have a random reboot mania like if it was not ground or if there was statick in the case. Well I can't explain much more for now I need to look closer at the case but I found that article wich explain the problem realy well.
EggXpert - Cause of Antec Nine Hundred front audio static
If please some of you can have a clue on this it would be realy great because these case start to make me rage alot. Remember some years ago Sonata III add a similar problem because the front panel was not goodly made and the USB connector were shorting with the iron front panel. Seriously antec is the only company I ever see doing that and I know they are a great system builder.
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