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Old June 1, 2018, 12:28 PM
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That's the trouble with this sort of thing - whether or not you get screwed by brokerage fees and/or taxes, depends entirely on some person that's shipping out the RMA/warranty item(s).

I had a similar experience, with a RMA through XFX, but the difference was the courier in question. If the incorrectly labelled RMA item comes via Canada Post, or UPS, the driver shows up at your door, expecting you to pay RIGHT NOW. In my case, the item was shipped via FedEx, and they use the sneaky way of screwing you, by having you accept the package from a driver that has no knowledge of whether or not there's any extra fees, and then they bill you later. In this case, that actually worked to my advantage, because I had previously requested that they make sure to label the package correctly as a "Warranty Return", which I was told they'd do. Unfortunately, they screwed that up, and forgot, so when I received the bill from FedEx, I then contacted XFX, and THEY contacted FedEx, and made the bill for extra fees disappear.

The whole RMA process with XFX was actually VERY good, except for that minor boo-boo, which they stepped up and fixed!
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Old June 1, 2018, 12:33 PM
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My System Specs


with a name like yours, Fodder, are you surprised you have issues? :
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Old June 3, 2018, 05:45 AM
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Just for the record, Crucial didn't call me back. I'm going to have to call them on Monday. But not optimistic...they guy in chat said "we'll see what we can do, IF ANYTHING". They don't care about their Canadian customers.
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Old June 6, 2018, 05:34 AM
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This thread would be more useful if it included a list of those companies that RMA from within Canada. Might make it my research project.

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Old June 29, 2018, 09:21 AM
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My System Specs


Company Name: Oster
Product: French Door Countertop Oven (TSSTTVFDXLPP-033)
Warranty Period: 1 Yr
Date purchased: December 2017
Date RMAed: June 2018
Where it was sent to: N/A
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: No
Wait time: 5 days
Details: See Below
Satisfaction: 10

Temperature control of Toaster/Countertop oven had been getting progressively worse and testing with an oven thermometer showed it was over 100 Deg F low, and also taking forever to heat up.

Company has a Canadian specific 1-800 number and while first thing Monday morning was problematic (actually got a message telling me that all lines were swamped and to call back later), I was able to get through to a CSR within 5 minutes when I called later in the morning. CSR was friendly and confirmed Canadian/US call origination immediately.

I was originally concerned about getting warranty work done as they don't have any listed authorized warranty shops in NB at all and I'm not sure it would have been worth spending $30 to ship it, but (and again... I suspect this might be because of that lack of local warranty shops) once the CSR heard the troubleshooting steps I'd taken she offered to ship a new unit no questions asked. New unit is now in hand and thermostat seems to be working fine.

Top marks for shipping me a unit sight unseen, and now I've got to figure out if there's an easy way to adjust the old thermostat or if it's fixed with no way to adjust it.
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Old July 5, 2018, 10:52 AM
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My System Specs


Company Name: Corsair
Product: K70 RGB Brown Switches
Warranty Period: (manufacturer warranty)
Date purchased: September 2016
Date RMAed: Summer 2017
Where it was sent to: United States
Ease of RMA: 5
Any extra fees? After bugging/prompting for a free shipping label, free
Wait time: a couple of months, due to product apparently being out of stock (several versions of the same product exist, and I would have been fine with any)
Details: Problem was not fixed, I believe they returned my own product (keyboard)
Satisfaction: 3

Tried again a year later with the same keyboard for the same problem (I was busy), and they told me product was out of warranty and would not do anything

Company Name: Huawei
Product: Huawei Watch (gen 1)
Warranty Period: 1 year
Date purchased: June 2016
Date RMAed: attempted several times before July 2017 without any response, until July 2017 responded saying out of 1-year warranty
Ease of RMA: 0, most difficult (annoying), rep barely spoke English (outsourced customer service) and wasn't very accomodating,
Any extra fees? would have had to pay for international shipping and repair costs
Details: waste of time with a broken watch
Satisfaction: 0
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Old August 4, 2018, 06:08 AM
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Thought I updated this already. Crucial did eventually send another module that arrived without taxes or brokerage but it took a huge effort on my part to get them to do so. Currently RMAed a UPS to Cyberpower. Was shipped to Mississauga and was supposed to ship from there. According to the support person will be a 'new' UPS and shipped out immediately when they receive mine. That was four days ago they received it, still no shipping to me. Was over an odor the UPS gave off for over a year, which had pretty much died down by now but they pretty much insisted I ship this one back as it is clearly "defective" they said. Given my previous experience with RMAing I wasn't too keen on going ahead.
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Old November 25, 2018, 03:49 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: Vizio
Product: P50-C1
Warranty Period: 2 years (Costco)
Date purchased: March 2017
Date RMAed: Nov 2018
Where it was sent to: In-home pickup/delivery
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees? None
Wait time: Almost nothing. Couple days to ship from Vizio to Sameday (courier) before I was contacted for delivery.
Details: Bad flickering, seemed like the local dimming was dying. Contacted Costco Concierge Services and they told me it was Vizio's problem to support. Phoned em up, confirmed I did everything physically possible to resolve the issue on my end, then received confirmation that I was getting a replacement. This replacement unit looked brand new.

Sameday had instructions to take all of the included accessories back, including the remote. Vizio sent out an upgraded remote to owners back in late 2017, but the replacement accessories box I got with the TV had the old style without any smart TV control functions. Just tried their online chat and now have an upgraded remote on the way within 10 minutes of contacting them.
Satisfaction: 10
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