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Old December 15, 2011, 06:01 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: MSI
Product: 560ti Twin Frozr II (two of them)
Warranty Period: 3 yrs?
Date purchased: Feb 2011 / July 2011
Date RMAed: Initial Nov 26 (saturday online RMA request) / RMA response-approval Nov 30
Where it was sent to: Markham, Ontario, L3R 3L4, Canada
Ease of RMA: 9
Any extra fees?: Shipping to RMA depot
Wait time: Depot received RMA on Friday, Shipped out on Monday
Details: Top marks!!! Only complaint (and it's mostly nit picking) was slightly more than website's promise of 48hr business day response (was closer to 72 hrs). Only thing that would have made it better would have been 2 way shipping, but nobody does that.
Satisfaction: 9
ASUS ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming (WiFi AC) / i7 8700K / 2X 8G XPG Spectrix D40 (3000) / XFX XTR 750 / ASUS Strix GTX 1070ti
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Old December 15, 2011, 06:05 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: XFX
Product: GT 240
Warranty Period: lifetime
Date purchased: June 10 2011
Date RMAed: Sept 26 2011
Where it was sent to: California
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: $9.78
Wait time: 3 weeks
Details: Bought the card for $19.99 and began having issues and after a few months as it was no longer recognized by any pc that it was installed in. I logged into XFX website and opened a ticket asking for an RMA. I was granted an RMA and sent the card in. 3 weeks later the replacement card arrived. On November 25th I was issued a customs invoice for $9.78. I phoned Fed ex and they claim that because XFX declared the value of the replacement card as $20 they have to charge me regardless of the the fact that the card is a warranty replacement. I then contacted XFX and they are UNWILLING to help resolve that matter by issuing a new Commercial Invoice for $19.99. According to Fed Ex anything valued at $20 or more must be charged and XFX will not help me.
So yes I did receive a working card back but XFX's stubborn attitude leaves me baffled.

Satisfaction: 2
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Old December 22, 2011, 02:54 PM
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Company Name: MSI
Product: GTX 460 Hawk
Warranty Period: 3 years
Date purchased: 2nd hand card, November 2011
Date RMAed: December 20, 2011
Where it was sent to: Richmond, BC, Canada
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: None (unless you factor in shipping fees)
Wait time: ~4 hours for a RMA reply back (Sent a RMA request at around 7:40am (Dec. 20), and received a reply back ~4 hours later)
Details: I live in Abbotsford, which is about an hour's drive from the RMA location (lucky me). Shipped the card out on the 20th (around ~2:00pm). The RMA center got my card on the morning (~10:00am) of the 21st. I expected that I wouldn't be getting back my card until after the new year (considering its the holiday season, and the 1-2 week for the RMA process, which was stated in the email). However, I received another card on the 22nd at 1:10 pm (from UPS), or about ~ 45 mins ago with respect to this post's time and date.
Satisfaction: 10, Although I did not receive a email from MSI after they had received my card, and after they had shipped me another one. But who cares, FAST RMA Processing FTW!

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Old December 22, 2011, 03:36 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: MSI
Product: K9M6PGM2-V2
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Date purchased: Not a clue
Date RMAed: December 7
Where it was sent to: Markham, ON
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: Shipping to them
Wait time: Just over a week.
Details: Motherboard died at work, no POST. Went through online RMA process and sent it out after a small questionnaire type thing. MSI told me they shipped it after checking it over and it was at my door the next day.
Satisfaction: 9
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Old January 10, 2012, 04:11 AM
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Company Name: Antec
Product: Antec 300
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Date purchased: Late November 2011
Date RMAed: January 7th 2012
Where it was sent to: N/A
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: N/A
Wait time: Until their office opened
Details: I sent a support ticket in to through their website on the weekend. I sent photos of the problem (broken USB port, broken front panel). On Monday I had received a confirmation that they sent out the replacements required. I didn't even have to send anything back, like I had expected.

Antec's support, at least for cases, seems to be excellent.
Satisfaction: 10
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Old January 13, 2012, 10:52 AM
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My System Specs

Default Antec Fan

Company Name: Antec
Product: Mini P180 White (120 mm rear TriCool fan)
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Date purchased: Dec. 26, 2011.
Date RMAed: Jan 1, 2012. (evidently they didn't process anything until the 3rd)
Where it was sent to: No shipping required!
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: No
Wait time: 1 business day processing, 10 days shipping (UPS Ground from CA, USA)
Details: I ordered an Antec Mini P180 white on Boxing day, and its rear 120mm fan came DOA (probably a broken electrical connection as the blades spun freely and still felt the motor phases). I sent a support request to Antec, which requested a picture of the dead fan AFTER I broke one of the fan blades off with a cutter. After I sent the e-mail, Antec sent me a new fan through UPS Ground. I didn't have to ship Antec anything. That's some amazing processing time given that it happened around the busy new year / boxing day period.
The replacement fan looks new or at least refurbished nicely (has the new plastic smell and there's no dust or visible damage). It came in a generic cardboard box just big enough for the fan, which in itself was inside a generic bubble wrap enveloppe.
Satisfaction: 10

Minus points to UPS guy dumping the fan and walking back to the truck, but that's not against Antec.
"The computer programmer says they should drive the car around the block and see if the tire fixes itself." [src]

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Old February 17, 2012, 12:40 AM
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My System Specs

Default OCZ -- failure that could have been a triumph

Company Name: OCZ
Product: Vertex 2 Extended (60 GB, 34nm)
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Date purchased: Oct 25, 2010
Date RMAed: April 18, 2011; June 22, 2011; Sept. 11, 2011
Where it was sent to: Markham, Ontario
Ease of RMA: 5
Any extra fees?: No
Wait time: RMA authorization/shipping label 1 business day; 3 days; 8 days
Details: Drive first died in April; replacement lasted six weeks. OCZ covered shipping both ways for the second RMA at my request. At that point, they were doing well other than my having to remind Markham to send me a shipping label twice and asking via the forum support staff to ensure I received a drive with the same 34-nm NAND I purchased to ensure equal capacity and speed.

Third red-light death nine weeks later, and OCZ again covered shipping. This time it took five business days to get the RMA, and another three for the shipping label. In my initial ticket I asked for and was told I would get a refund instead of continuing what was going to be an obviously expensive pattern.

That's when things started to really break down. The offer was based on the then-current price of a Vertex 2 Extended at C$99; I purchased for C$144 a drive with 60 GB of usable capacity built with 16 chips of 34-nm NAND. The drive identified by Vinh Nguyen out of Markham was a drive with 55GB of usable capacity built with 8 chips of 25-nm NAND. Despite carrying the same part number it is a slower, smaller, less durable and much cheaper product. It took a week of wrangling but they eventually agreed to refund me based on my actual purchase price (the most recent store price for my drive was actually higher than what I paid) not including taxes.

On Oct. 11, Vinh told me the process would take two to three weeks.

On Oct. 14, Victor Cheung e-mailed me to say that my drive had been sent to the U.S. office, tested as having no fault and it would be returned to me. I replied asking what caused this drive, like the prior two, to freeze/crash/BSOD my computer, be unable to be detected until power-cycled, and to throw a red status light whenever it locked? I also attached a photo of the drive with the red error light illuminated. Victor replied to say he'd forward my message to the U.S. head office.

Oct. 20, RMA status page says OCZ received my drive. It was delivered to Markham on Sept. 23.

After hearing nothing since Oct. 14, I sent inquiries by the e-mail, forum posts, and PMs to forum support staff on Nov. 9 and 28, Dec. 12 and 24. I'd either not get a reply or be told that it should only take a couple of weeks to process the refund (was told it was submitted on Oct. 31). Finally received a PM on Jan. 5 saying the cheque was mailed out on Jan. 3. Received the cheque in due time and was able to deposit it.

Summary: 22 e-mails, four PMs, seven forum posts, four ticket comments and SIXTEEN WEEKS to process a refund.

Satisfaction: 3 (would have been 9 for a manufacturer to refund a retail price if it hadn't been such a tortuous process)

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Old February 22, 2012, 11:42 AM
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Company Name: Kingston
Product: Data Traveler USB Drive 4GB version 1
Warranty Period: 5 years
Date purchased: 2008
Date RMAed: Initial Feb 05, phoned them and approved RMA, sent details to me on Feb 6 including Fedex account number to return item via Fedex 2 days and they send a version 3 replacement back via Fedex 1 day
Where it was sent to: Mountain Valley, California
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: none
Wait time: Depot received RMA on Feb 10, Shipped out on Feb 13 arrived Feb 14
Details: Top marks!!!
Satisfaction: 10

Kingston all the way from now on.
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Old February 28, 2012, 08:21 PM
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Company Name: Asus
Product: P8Z68-V Pro
Warranty Period: 3 yrs
Date purchased: May 2011
Date RMAed: Obtained case number online Feb 22, then called immediately to explain the situation and get an RMA number. The Asus website didn't make it clear that I had to call myself instead of waiting for a call back. Because I already entered all my personal info online, I avoided having to spell it out over the phone. Which was a good thing, because the call quality was terrible. But the gentleman I spoke to over the phone was very professional and no-nonsense, acknowledged I had correctly troubleshoot the mobo and RMA was the next step. Call including being on hold was 19 minutes.
Where it was sent to: Markham, Ontario
Ease of RMA: 9
Any extra fees?: Shipping at my expense
Wait time: Shipped out Xpresspost Feb 23, Depot received RMA on Feb 24, Replacement mobo with new serial number shipped out Feb 28.
Details: I bricked the mobo by innocently changing the order of boot devices in UEFI EZ-Mode (no joke!) and it would hang on boot at the VGA_LED; POST would not complete, could not get back into UEFI, no amount of CMOS resets, battery pulling, or praying was going to fix it. Found somebody else online who did the same thing.

Update March 2 2012: Asus RMA status page said my repair was complete on Feb 28 and I got an email the same day saying that my item had shipped, but there was no tracking info included. I called the Markham office on March 1 when I still hadn't received my package, and they told me it wasn't uncommon not to have tracking information included in correspondence. They had no clue where my package was but said they ship via Purolator Ground, and if I didn't get the package by Mar 2 to call them again. On the morning of March 2, tracking number was finally posted to the RMA status page because - Asus was waiting for the shipments to pile up before calling Purolator Ground for a pickup. At 5pm on a Friday.

Received package Tuesday AM after I went to the depot to pick it up after a delivery attempt on Monday.

Satisfaction: 10 For the RMA itself, 6 for the return shipping (and not Purolator's fault). Average score 8

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Old March 21, 2012, 02:34 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: Samsung ( they get there monitors repaired through Koambra BC )
Product: Monitors / TVs
Warranty Period: 2-3 years Date purchased: 2010
Date RMAed: 2011
Where it was sent to: Richmond, British Columbia
Ease of RMA: well the RMA place was like a 20 minute drive so honestly easiest RMA of my life
Any extra fees?: 0
Wait time: 3 days
Details: 1 of my 2233rz died they fixed it and shipped it back on the 3rd day, my second one died they couldn't fix it so samsung just mailed me a new one 2 weeks later from ontario
Satisfaction: (scale of 1 - 10) 10

Honestly the people at that koambra place are amazing i just dropped off my first monitor after a 20 min drive, they shipped it back 3 days later, my second monitor they couldn't fix so they got samsung to mail me a brand new one :) they even fixed a monitor for me that i didn't have a receipt for which was cool of them.
honestly, I try ( well tried ) to stick to buying samsung monitors just because of how easy they were to get fixed ( still stick to samsung TV's as i tend to break things )
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