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Old October 18, 2010, 08:29 PM
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Company: ASUS
Product: RT-N12 Router
Warranty: 2 years
Purchased: Sometime a year ago
RMAed: Oct 15 2919
Send to: Markham
Fees: Shipping ($10)
Ease: 8
Wait Time: 1 week
Satisfaction: 9

-Router stopped working.
-Had to search around for the RMA link on the website.
-RMA number was sent fairly quickly, but the RMA note was sent in an unformated wall of text. I had to copy and paste the message into word so it would be legible and readable. It doesn't make it very easy when they do this.
-Instructions asked me not to send the original box or any of the accessories.
-Once they got my router, it was a 3 day turnaround and they sent me a brand new in the box router.

Not sure why they didn't let me send the accessories. Now I have a spare power adapter.

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Old November 2, 2010, 11:18 AM
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My System Specs


Company Name: ASUS
Product: M4A785TD-V EVO
Warranty Period: 3 Years from Date of Manufacture
Date purchased: Unknown
Date RMAed: Last Week
Where it was sent to: Markham Facility
Ease of RMA: 9
Any extra fees?: $7.57 Ground shipping FedEx
Wait time: 1 Week
Details: Very fast from Email (I never call) to RMA number to shipping me a replacement
Satisfaction: 10

Have to say that was much faster and easier than the last ASUS RMA I had to do (old P5Q I believe).
Enough so that I might Knock Gigabyte off my top tier for CS related issues.


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Old December 9, 2010, 03:31 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: CoolerMaster
Product: ATCS 840 mobo tray
Warranty Period: 1 years
Date purchased: 27 november 2010
Date RMAed: 3 december 2010
Where it was sent to: No need to send
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: No extra fees!
Wait time: probably 1 week to receive the new one
Details: No need to ship anything, only asked for a picture of the dammage and took less than 10 min to reply with the confirmation that they are sending a new one, 1 hourlater I receive a tracking.
Satisfaction: 10
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Old December 9, 2010, 03:40 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: Antec/Memofix
Product: Antec True Power Quattro 850W
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Date purchased: Late 2009?
Date RMAed: Last week, Thursday I believe
Where it was sent to: Markham, Ontario
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: Shipping to them
Wait time: Less than a week
Details: Get an RMA auth from Antec, get sent to Memofix site and get an RMA number. Quick replies for both. Ended up with a (seemingly) new power power supply.
Satisfaction: 10
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Old January 8, 2011, 03:52 PM
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Company Name: OCZ
Product: 2 set of DDR2 Gold 2 X 1G RAM Set
Warranty Period: Lifetime
Date purchased: 1-2 years
Date RMAed: Mid Dec.
Where it was sent to: Canada Ont.
Ease of RMA: 8
Any extra fees?: Shipping around $10
Wait time: 2-3 weeks
Details: No one help on forum, have to PM them. RMA or Tech reply at least 24 hours. Return 2 Sets of 2 X 1GB, they said my model EOL will return 2 2 X 2GB set for me. BUT after they received my 2 Sets, they said they'll only replace me back 1 SET BACK OF 2 X 2GB. They said total still 4GB which I can't complain but told me free upgrade before but...
Satisfaction: 7
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Old January 9, 2011, 07:07 PM
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Company Name: Acer
Product: TravelMate 29xx laptop (paid $297 on clearance)
Warranty Period: 1 year + 2 years extended
Date purchased: Feb 2007, ext warranty purchased Jan 2008 for $99
Date RMAed: 1st RMA Jan 2008, 2nd RMA Jan 2010
Where it was sent to: 1st: Markham ON, 2nd: Burnaby BC
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: 1st: no, 2nd: time/gas to drop off at repair depot
Wait time: 5-10 business days
Details: 1st RMA: keyboard & touchpad flaking out, Acer sent courier with packing material to ship unit. Unit came back with issues addressed plus a new HDD and battery. Decided to purchase 2 year ext warranty at that time.
2nd RMA: general wear and tear for a 3 year old laptop (KB and touchpad again), paid for the warranty so took advantage of it. Repair depot called and said unable to repair unit because parts unavailable. Acer sent a new/factory sealed TM5530 to replace the "broken" TM29xx.
Satisfaction: 10

There wasn't anything really wrong with the unit before each RMA (just normal wear and tear), but I thought I'd take advantage of the fact that it was still under warranty. Filing the RMA request online was quick and easy.
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Old January 11, 2011, 01:53 PM
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Awesome thread!

I'm totally going to buy MSI, Antec, OCZ, WD and Seagate gear just so that I don't have to deal with shipping to the USA
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Old January 20, 2011, 11:22 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name: Eagle Tech
Product: Usb 3.0 Enclosure
Warranty Period: 1 year
Date purchased: Summer / fall 2010
Date RMAed: winter 2010
Where it was sent to: never sent anything
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: nope
Wait time: less then a week, I don't know the exact date they shipped but it was here fast
Details: I received a usb 3.0 enclosure from these guys without a power supply a couple months back and had just opened it, I ended up trying to find one on ebay or find one locally, my local search came up dead as they just were not powerful enough, I did however find one on ebay. Got it a month later and it was broken, the plug was smushed with something like pliars. So I decide to get ahold of Eagle Tech and see what they would say, I expected to be told to screw off that mistakes like that do not happen etc etc but they simply asked me to email my invoice to them and they would send me a new one, I did this on around December 22nd, got no reply's however about weather or not the item shipped. I contacted them again on the 27th and got a very detailed explaination about why it may of not of shipped or if it did, they then told me to re submit the invoice and they would make sure it was sent out now. Today this morning I open my door to let my dog out and I see a package from someone, I figured it was just from NCIX as it was a similar size to there small boxes and left it on my coffee table for awhile until later when I get home and my cats playing with it. I take a look and it's from Eagle Tech Now, they must've shipped this thing the fastest way possible to get it to me during this holiday rush, even if it was sent on the 22nd that to me is damn good shipping isn't it? Now if it was shipped on the 27th then that is just plain amazing. all I got to add is Eagle Tech's RMA department has everything perfected except the little bit of lack of communication which could be fixed easy otherwise there running it perfectly.
Satisfaction: 10
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Old January 21, 2011, 11:52 AM
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Company Name: OZC
Product: RAM 2 sticks x 2 PC3 10666 7-7-7 OCZ3P1333LV4GK
Warranty Period: Lifetime
Date purchased: January 2010
Date RMAed: emailed January 7 to start RMA process; shipped by mail Jan 13, 2011
Where it was sent to: Markham, ON
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: registered parcel post to send it to OCZ
Wait time: 2 weeks
Details: contacted support online with support ticket; eventually given RMA number and shipping instructions
Satisfaction: 10
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Old February 11, 2011, 09:10 PM
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My System Specs


Company Name:Corsair
Product:Ram 2 modules DDR3
Warranty Period: Lifetime
Date purchased: Dec 2009
Date RMAed: March 2010
Where it was sent to: Fremont CA USA
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?:$21 shipping cost through UPS.
Wait time: 2 weeks
Details:Created online support ticket/emailed instructions for Rma process
Satisfaction: 7 sure they replaced my ram but it shouldn't cost the consumer a cent

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