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hen555 May 19, 2009 02:43 PM

Leaked Capacitor in my PSU?
So I have a hp media center pc and after i think 3 years my pc broke. 3 Years of overnight downloading and shit lol. My PSU is broken as my pc does not startup, but I have done a clip test and the fans run on the psu, its just when i connect the psu, i hear a high frequency noise that is hard to hear. When it is connected to only my mb, the mb does not power on and noise is still heard.

So is there a leaked Capacitor in my PSU? When I look inside it from the fan, I see yellow hardend liquid thing all over the place. looks to me that alot of capacotors have leaked or exploted. because the yellow stuff is in all different areas.

I have a bestec ATX-400w.
What may have caused the capacitors to leak? I use my pc daily and all so is it supposed to happen? Or is there overload on the PSU? I have a shitty graphics card.

On my New PSU which one would you reccomend for the price? I have everything stock HP on my machine so 400w i guess I can use unless its better to get 500+.

Also, I was wondring should I improve my video card? I have 128mb , and I like to edit videos. and I play sanandreas on my pc which runs good on 128. I have been told that I shudnt upgrade my pc because hp uses shit stuff and theres no point.

anyways thanks for your replys i will get back to you , please hlp me out!

enaberif May 19, 2009 02:45 PM

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