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Old April 24, 2009, 10:48 PM
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Default Issues with a Hitachi 500GB SATA2 HD

I just upgraded my dad's computer with a new case and a Hitachi 500GB HD... I'm already having some issues with it.

The old HD is a 250GB PATA drive, so Windows has been reinstalled on the new Hitachi. I can NOT get ATI Catalyst or my ATI drivers to install (HD 4670), it doesn't matter if I download the most recent, or use the install CD included with the video card. A Sourceforge solitaire game that worked on the other hard drive now has errors when ran on the new drive (the solitaire game isn't important, just another symptom).

There were previous performance issues that seemed to very much be related to the old PATA drive, and while they were resolved, a SATA drive was wanted anyway, thus the Hitachi. The only thing that I can think of is that the PATA drive is still causing incompatibility issues (it's still in the PC, to be used as a backup drive). I am going to try disconnecting the PATA drive, and see if that changes anyting.

In the meantime - any ideas guys? Thank you!

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Old April 25, 2009, 12:29 AM
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Well, I disconnected the PATA drive, reformatted the SATA2 drive, reinstalled Vista, and am now in the process of installing my ATI software and drivers for my dad's system. It has managed to get past the install point where it would previously hang.

My interpretation is that it is definitely an incompatibility with PATA on the part of the motherboard (P5E3 Deluxe). I'd be a little more in doubt, but there were other issues between the motherboard and the PATA drive previously.

So, right now I see two options - I can get all the important stuff installed, then hook up the PATA drive and use it solely as a backup as was previously planned - or I can leave it in the computer, disconnected, and only ever connect it when my dad is wanting to back up his data. He's in the middle of ripping his CD collection onto the computer... and well... with over 3000 songs ripped so far, and the majority of the collection left to go - backup is a big thing for him. I think he eventually needs a second SATA2 drive, but in the meantime, anyone out there have any bright ideas? If not, I'll go for one of the two ideas I just described.

Thanks again.
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