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Old February 7, 2009, 02:43 PM
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Try another GPU.
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Old February 7, 2009, 06:09 PM
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Sorry going to go back to basics here. I know this has already been mentioned but...

Before you take anything back, remove EVERYTHING but the proc/heatsink and ONE stick of ram. Make sure all your power cables are installed properly, but REMOVE all harddrive/diskdrive/floppydrive/cardreader/caseUSB/caseaudio/casefirewire make SURE you have the case speaker INSTALLED properly. Hit the power button, wait a bit and you should hear a short beep. If you DONT hear this beep then there is nothing wrong with anything that is not installed at this time.

If you dont hear this beep, try moving the ram to another spot / try another stick of ram
Check that your CPU is mounted properly / check the bottom of the CPU on the contacts for anything that might cause the contacts to not contact. (if there is something on the bottom of the cpu, use alcohol to clean it)

If its still doesnt beep, there may be something wrong with the mobo, psu or cpu (you did check more than one stick of ram right? that'll rule out the ram) The only way to test these componants is to try them with other componants that you "know" work. So you'll either have to find em, or take it to a shop.

if you DID hear the beep... then start adding componants ONE AT A TIME, untill you dont hear that beep anymore, then whatever you just put on is likely your problem. If you can find another one of whatever that componant is to swap in to test it out, then do it. If not, take it to a shop.

Stop doing anything else. If you dont hear that POST beep, nothing else matters. If it doesnt post, your vid card never gets the signal, so theres no way to know if its working or not because it will NEVER get the SIGNAL to turn ON.

So do what i wrote, before we can diagnose anything else we need to know. Do you get this post beep?

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