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bojangles October 27, 2008 03:32 PM

No display on monitor upon startup. HELP!
Hello my fellow HWC gurus,

I seem to be in a bit of a pickle right now. Basically my monitor won't display anything when I turn on the computer, and there is no activity going on either. Here is what I have done so far:

1) Tried one hard drive at a time: still no visual.
2) Tried one stick of RAM in each slot, including spare sticks: still no visual.
3) Tried different PCI-E slot on my motherboard: still no visual.
4) Tried spare graphics card in each PCI-E slot: still no visual.
5) Tried monitor on another computer: monitor works fine here.
6) Tried clearing the CMOS by resetting the jumper.
7) Tried different PSUs. Still nothing.

Basically I've tried every culprit there is to this situation. Funny thing though, is that everything powers on, no matter the condition. So from here it looks like it's either the CPU, the motherboard, or maybe even a fried BIOS chip? Unfortunately my P182 case doesn't contain a speaker so I can't hear the beeps...it's the only case I have.

EDIT: The keyboard and mouse also DO NOT power up.

What do you think the problem is? Thanks for you help! Maybe this is a good reason to upgrade :P.


Infiniti October 27, 2008 04:55 PM

Hmm.. I had this problem once. It was my PSU. Are you sure that the other PSUs you tried weren't fried, or that they are giving enough power to the GPU? Also, do you have any spare or old computers around? My mobo didn't have a speaker on it, so I stole this: Case/Motherboard Speaker - Speakers from an older computer lying around.

bojangles October 27, 2008 05:17 PM

PSU: Corsair 620HX Modular 620W
CPU: Intel C2D E6600
Mobo: ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium (590i chipset)
RAM: OCZ Platinum DDR2-800 (2x1GB)
GPU: Diamond Radeon HD4850
Sound: X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro
HDDs: WD Raptor, WD 500 GB (AAKS)

Pushing the power button makes all the fans turn on (CPU, GPU, case fans), the DVD drive spins up, the F on my X-Fi card light up. There are also 2 little LEDs that light up on my 4850 on the bottom of card (or should I say the side facing up in the tower, so the backplate?). Things that do not light up are my HDD LEDs and my keyboard/mouse. Nothing happens on the monitor; it goes into power saving mode. It was working just fine last night, shut it off before bed, and when I came home today after school, this happened.

I've managed to fix most things by doing what I said in those steps, but this time it's not working, and this time it's on my own computer, which is a drag...

Infiniti October 27, 2008 05:27 PM

Yeah, that is exactly like my problem. There are lights on the GPU that light up. Most of the time, it would mean that the GPU isn't getting enough power. Sometimes it might mean the card is faulty. Google up the problem, you'll be able to find what each of the LEDs mean.

EDIT: I found the meanings of the LEDs for you.

This is for the 4850:

LED and Meaning
D1601 - Over temp protection enabled
D1602 - EXT 12V fault

Having both lit constantly, strongly indicates that the card is dead.

Everything below this is for the 4870, not 4850, keeping it here for future users:

LED and Meaning
D1601 - Shows overheating
D1602 - Power connector #1 removed
D1603 - Power connector #2 removed
D1604 - GPU fail

misterlarry October 27, 2008 05:32 PM

I had exactly the same problem last week when one of my sticks of ram went sideways. I know that you have tried different ram, but is it possible that your ram slots could be hooped? Just a thought.


bojangles October 27, 2008 05:35 PM


This is what they mean ....

HD4850 LEDs

D1601 - Over temp protection enabled

D1602 - EXT 12V fault
Oh shit. Wow. Both turn on. Apparently I have a 12V fault on my card when the computer starts up? Does that mean there is a short somewhere on the 12V rail? Or even on the cord? I guess I'll try a different cord and see what happens...I sure hope it doesn't harm the card at all...

Thanks for giving me some insight on this Infiniti!

Infiniti October 27, 2008 05:39 PM

No problem. If I were you, I would test the GPU on another computer first, because it could be a dead PCI-E slot, or PSU. In my case, it was the PSU.

bojangles October 27, 2008 05:45 PM

Ok looks like changing the cord doesn't work. Quick question though: what voltage do fans operate at when connected into the motherboard? Is it 12V? Isn't it odd that also the keyboard and mouse wouldn't light up either, since they work on +5V (USB)? Hmm...I'll have to dig around for another PSU to test with...I still don't know what the problem is. Ugh! Man it's so strange that these things can happen overnight!

bojangles October 29, 2008 04:45 PM

Alrighty, I've managed to get a hold of another power supply to try, and guess what...same thing happened. Looks like it's an internal problem with the motherboard. The same 2 LEDs on the GPU lit up with the Silverstone Strider 750W I tried. I've also tried sticking it into a new outlet and reset the breaker to see if it was anything in the house, and nothing.

Could it also be a CPU problem? I highly doubt that...even if it was it would display a problem on the screen...

I guess it's time to buy a new motherboard then eh? Along with a new CPU hehe?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

sswilson October 29, 2008 04:49 PM

Did you try the GPU on another system before trying to RMA the motherboard?

The keyboard / mouse intialization (during post) would probably come after your graphics card so it's not getting there.

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