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Old September 21, 2008, 02:29 PM
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ah thx mpg! that did it. still isnt going up much in ram though 2.3 gigs. we'll just have to see once i get those shiny new high def clouds installed though ;D

I'm not sure if the chipset drivers "didnt" work, before it didnt matter what the other settings where, if i had autogen on, the fps dropped to between 10 and 15. Now though if i turn off AA and Bloom, set the AI to lowish, i can get 20 - 30 fps with autogen turned on. crazy... aa and bloom were never a problem before lol with quad sli it shouldnt be a problem now... (even with 1 - 9800 gtx it shouldnt be a problem...) ah well... life would be too good if everything just freekin worked like it was supposed too... the FIRST time.

I reinstalled the vid drivers when i reinstalled the chipset drivers, so i might have to just tweak em up a bit to get the aa and bloom working properly. at least i can turn on autogen again, fsx just doesnt look the same without it.

now comes the next test... 10 different add ons to give or take frames lol... *crosses fingers* I havn't really had that great of experience with my shiny new Matrox triplehead2go because of this problem, so i hope this does it.

I guess the credit for the answer to this post goes to MpG, that utility (should it work like advertised with all games) should do the trick to get more than 2 gigs address space to 32 bit programs. Now hopefully software developers get on the 64 bit bandwagon sooner than later so we dont have to screw with it anymore.

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