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MAKAVELI August 11, 2008 06:23 PM

returning seagate hdd
i have a 500gb seagate hdd that makes very loud and distinctive clicking noises even when the computer is idle. i think it's about to fail so i'm thinking about sending it in for a return.

i need to ship it from vancouver to somewhere in ontario. what's the cheapest shipping company to use for this?

DarKStar August 11, 2008 06:56 PM

Have you called Seagate first to get an RMA ? Did you run the SeaTools and run a smart, and long DST ?

I have a couple of seagates myself, 1 makes an occasional "klink", sort of like dropping a screw on a metal surface, but it works fine. What's up with Seagate lately all I hear are failing drives and returns, does Seagate have problems with drives too ?

MAKAVELI August 11, 2008 08:12 PM

yeah my drive's noise sounds like a klink too

i ran seatools and it said the drive was fine. however, all the harddrives that have failed for me in the past made these similar types of noises before failing between 2-3 months later. since this is my primary OS harddrive i don't want to keep putting data on it and wait for it to completely fail.

i didn't call seagate but i used their online warranty & returns page to create a RMA.

i've always liked seagates harddrives in the past since they are quiet. but i've had 3 of them fail within the last 2 years, so i'm never going to buy a drive from them again. at least until they get their QA improved. ever since they acquired maxtor, they've gone downhill.

DarKStar August 11, 2008 08:38 PM

I agree with you about that - however, that occasional click does not necessarily mean doom. I've had an old maxtor do that and it did it extremely loud as if the head fell out of its place and it lasted 7 years on 24/7 operation and heavy use, it was a 60GB Maxtor. Of course if it does that constantly or frequently it's a bad sign but once in a while I would not worry.

SeaTools is not reliable 100% - I would NEVER rely on SeaTools to predict failure - Why ? Because all SEATOOL does is either check your SMART attributes for Threashold reached condition, or it uses a short DST (which runs a series of smart tests) or a LONG DST, which checks every sector on the disk - so your drive may PASS on all test, BUT in reality be a bad drive that will fail - Why ? Because the diagnostics can accoun for only certain gradual failures or failure like bad sectors, spin retry counts, spinup times, seek errors, write errors, etc - so it accounst for around 30~40% (to be conservative) of failures, BUT seatools is useless to predict other time of sudden failures like mechanical defects (that goes for S.M.A.R.T. too) which is very unreliable lately since most of the failures that occur are due to mechanical problems (motors, spinloc coordinators, bad heads, sudden controller failure!). In my opinion it's a joke that Seagate gives customers the false impression with PASSING results in SeaTools, your drive may be pasing the internal diagnostics and PASS, but have hidden mechanical failure that will occur eventually, and the problem is when it is a sudden and non gradual failure - if it's a gradual one, then by all means, you can detect most of it with the tool, although not all still.

When buying drives, I always buy in pairs - 1 is to be used, and another one is to be used as a cloned 1:1 backup ready to use in case #1 fails and so that I have a disk to use while RMAing the first one or buying a new one, depending on whether it's worth the cost. of course I always run SeaTools only as a means to make sure all sectors on my disk are healthy and that the drive passes the internal tests, but I always keep in mind that drives can fail at any moment regardless, so I am prepared that way to avoid surprises.

Tazer-[X] August 11, 2008 08:58 PM

Makaveli from the freelancer servers?

MAKAVELI August 11, 2008 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by Tazer-[X] (Post 78407)
Makaveli from the freelancer servers?


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