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inkdomain July 31, 2008 02:55 AM

How to choose a Quality Printer and Printer Cartridge!!!!
Try to buy a new quality printer for a long term use. But before that I want an idea about how I can select a quality printer and printer cartridge? Is it good if I select a printer or cartridge using internet?
I enquired in many sites and was impressed with the information provided about top quality inkjet cartridges in inkdomain.com. Anybody heard about this site? Please revert back if you know anything about this…

Infiniti July 31, 2008 02:58 AM

Did you make a new account just to ask this? Your username is inkdomain. :ph34r: Anyways, my parents own a small shop where they refill cartridges and fixes printers, etc. if you have any questions, PM them to me and I can go ask them.

lcdguy July 31, 2008 12:56 PM

the first choice you need to make is do you print enough in color to justify the higher long term cost of an inkjet vs a laser printer.

Having said that i would make the following suggestions.

For inkjet look at canon as it is generally easier and better for third party ink manufacturers.

For a laser then i would recommend either samsung or hp. Samsung's usually have a slightly cheaper toner cartidge but hp's generally last longer and are least troublesome.

Just my 2 cents

DarKStar July 31, 2008 03:10 PM

I am still happy with my old EPSON R220 Photo printer, it is fast, prints amazing photos and very accurate color reproduction compared to what I see on my screen - which usually contradicts what most people say about color accuracy and printers, but it works for me. I use print on a dime EASY to refill empty carts and I glued my original EPSON chips on them (removing the auto reset ones because they are annoying). been purchasing refill ink from them as well, no problem ever since ! AND it prints on CD/DVDs. There is also the EPSON R260/R280 that use the claria hidef inks as well.
My personal preference has always been with EPSON for both printers and scanners. For EPSON they are a major rip-off for ink cartridges, and NEVER attempt to refill the original carts, which is why I use the POAD refillable, they can be refilled from the TOP, they are spongeless (they use a maze design to replace that) and they are transparant !

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