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Old January 22, 2018, 12:45 PM
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Default ATA erase: NULL error

I'm trying to use an old hard drive that has/had data on it. Tried OBCD's PartedMagic and 'Disk (External), writing 'dd' over all after I deleted the partition. Tried my 8.1 install disc but it gives Recovery error 'your pc needs to be repaired'.

Tried PM's secure erase 'Internal" w/writes zeros over all but get the error 'A password is to be used in conjunction w/this command.' 'Enter or use NULL', but when I try null I receive 'In event of an unexpected issue ...' could brick the drive.

I'm afraid other methods may also brick the drive. It's an old drive on a crap laptop but should I try FDISK or some other method from UBCD? If I can solve this I'm sure my install will work. Alternatively, might there be something in the Bios that's causing problems, w/I can alter using UBCD?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

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Old January 22, 2018, 01:06 PM
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Basically it comes down to worst case scenario. If you do a secure erase with no password AND the system looses power it could POTENTIALLY brick the hdd. Highly unlikely but it is possible. Thus the warning. Fdisk it. Run the mfg'ers LONG health check on it. Then if need be secure erase it. From what you wrote it sounds like a failing hdd... which a secure erase will not fix. It will just mark the bad sectors, use the non used sectors on the outer edge of the platter (aka over-provisioning sectors) and slow things down greatly when those 're-directed' sectors are used.

IMHO if the disk is throwing errors time to dump it. Its not worth the risk. It wont get better... just worse with time.
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