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AkG May 18, 2008 07:25 PM

Sans Digital MOBILSTORE MS2UTN+B Hard Drive Enclosure Review comment thread
Our Review of the Sans Digital MOBILSTORE external drive enclosure is now live. This DAM GOOD unit with its combination of stylish good looks, speed, ease of use and durability make it a winner in my book.

You can check out my Review of the MOBILSTORE here: MobilSTOR

Please use this thread to post all of your questions, comments and suggestions.

Hope You Enjoy It!

sswilson May 18, 2008 07:52 PM

Great review!

Now for the same question I asked a couple of weeks ago..... :)

If this was plugged into a sata port (through the included ESata bracket) with two drives set to Raid 0, would XP see it as a single drive thus removing the need for F6 raid drivers?

If so, do you have the read/write #s for a single drive operating normally on a Sata port, and how do those #s compare to two drives raided in this enclosure?

AkG May 19, 2008 04:52 AM

Thanks sswilson,

Yup its seen as just another regular sata hard drive by the OS so I would hazard a guess and say no need for f6 (didn't manually install an OS on so its only a guess...and with Bashrat the Sneaky driverpacks I haven't needed f6 for a long while)

If IIRC the Jbod numbers were so freaking close too the internal sata connection numbers the difference was negligible. I think about the only thing it added was .1ms latency but everything else was darn near the same. I was really bored there awhile ago so I cloned my internal 500gb WD SE16 unto it (RAID 0) and I noticed a big dif in load speeds (since gone back to internal as I "needed" the mobilstor for transferring huge files to another system).

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