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Old September 12, 2013, 08:09 AM
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Default HDD problem

I have
MDL: wd20earx-00pasbo
DATE: jul 2012
DCM: harnhtjmab
Product of Thailand
PCB: 2060-771698-004 rev A
Marvel 88i9146-TFJ2 ; 1219-b2c ; cn
Motor Controller: SMOOTH L7251 3.1 controller chip

That chip was gets overstressed and dies or takes the power fluctuation (from a bad power supply) and burns out.I know that can damage other components but I hope they are ok.

I don't have money to go to specialist,i try to get it from home.

I know that firmware is in U12 chip(ROM).My question is:
1) I need to buy PCB 2060-771698-004 with marvel 88i9146-TFJ2 and Motor Controller: SMOOTH L7251 3.1 and transfer a chip U12 from old PCB?
2)Do I need to transfer Marvel 88i9146-TFJ2 too or not?(have also firmware??).I know that was hard but I hope that's not to be done.

I have more question but this is more important.I read your reviews, you go deep as you can in research and I hope you can help me.

thank you
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Old September 22, 2013, 08:22 AM
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Hope it goes well for you, it's very risky to do, if you can find a exact model then you stand a chance at being able to replace the board (if it's just the board, if it's the drive motor then much harder). Do you hear the drive start to spin?

(1) Look for as similar a drive as you can, if the firmware is later it *should* still work as you can update the firmware on drives, but the closer to a match you can find the better off you will be.
(2) The marvel chip from my understanding is the interface chip, if you have the same model replacement PCB I didn't think you'll need to transfer that.

I don't see anything about outside links so if this is inappropriate let me know, but a good story on someones attempts to repair a HDD and very similar to what you want to do is:

AnandTech | Hardware Tricks: How to Not Fix a Crashed Hard Drive
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