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stlouis1 July 10, 2013 12:54 AM

which 120-128gb SSD?
I've been googling for the last 2 hours here at work overnight. yeah this is what I do with my time...

I'm looking to pick up an SSD monday morning (payday) for my HTPC. I was initially looking for a 90gb because I need more than 60 but less than 120, and as I'd seen some 90gb drives floating around for 80-90$ months ago that seemed like a good way to go. Now i don't see anything in that in-between capacity locally, so I figure I may as well go for 120-128

The HTPC runs XBMC as the shell, mediaportal backend for TV, the databases for these probably account for most of the writes on the hard drive, and that's not likely much. I also have steam installed with a handful of games, mostly racing games (this is why more than 60gb). I don't surf the web on it or anything, it's strictly multimedia streaming over network, and light casual gaming

These are the options I can pick up locally. I'm looking to spend no more than 1$/gb really, so i've set my cap at 120$

I've been checking reviews on all of them, and so far can't narrow it down to one as they all seem reasonable with the exception of maybe the samsung because of they're warranty support or lack of

they are all a 3 year warranty, so i can't decide based on that

The kingston v300 seems like a decent, straight forward run of the mill drive, I don't think I could go wrong buying

The crucial m4 is a pretty tried and true drive, and to be honest i'm kind of leaning on this one

the Plextor, well, I've read good things, seems comparable to the crucial and even appears to beat it in some benchmarks. I don't know if that's comparing to crucials later firmware? could be an opportunity to try something new/different.

The samsung, well, they get good reviews, it's the warranty that scares me


Dzzope July 10, 2013 05:06 AM

The warranty support on Samsung was cleared up.. it's in a thread here somewhere.

Found it:

Originally Posted by CdnBacon (Post 715619)
Just to update for anyone who comes across this thread, Samsung covers all costs associated with warranty returns. There is no need to register your drive on any Samsung websites. This link takes you to RMA instructions -- Samsungand applies to all of their SSD's purchased in Canada.

There is no jumping through hoops as suggested in earlier posts. Absolutely ZERO shipping/brokerage/customs fees and UPS even supplied the shipping envelope. I sent them 1 email on Sunday and received an RMA number and shipping labels Monday morning. Tracking numbers are provided for both directions and I will have my replacement in hand Thursday.

The M4 would be a solid choice, especially if you have no TRIM support.
I love the full and dirty tests that they do here.. shows more real-work scenarios. Thats the main thing to look at IMO.

stlouis1 July 10, 2013 06:05 AM

Actually, that makes the samsung pretty appealing if i don't have to worry about warranty support being an issue. I understand there was some early firmware problems that caused failures, so just in case, I know to check for firmware updates right away. It is the cheaper of the 4 I picked out, not by much, but tax and recycling fees add on to the cost so it makes up a few $

From what I could tell going across multiple reviews, they all seem pretty comparable though in the end.

considering all it's going to do is boot windows, run xbmc, load the odd smaller game here and there

The M4's are popular for a reason though, I may just go that route

crap, i dunno

AkG July 10, 2013 08:31 AM

Do NOT buy that 840 you will not be happy with it. The only Sammy 840 worth buying is the PRO model. The std 840 uses TRI-Level NAND...aka TLC, instead of MLC. Its a lot more fragile and I wont touch any TLC drive with a ten foot pole for atleast another gen.

M4 may not be the fastest but you dont have to worry about TRIM. Its why it was still in my go to list...until the M500 came out. ;)

kingnubian July 10, 2013 12:39 PM

The Sandisk Extreme 120GB is a great drive and can usually be had for a great price as it is on sale frequently.
If you can find one the Sandisk Extreme II SSD is an even better product but this isn't to take anything away for the original Extreme SSD product.

Sandisk is also known to have a pretty good rma process and do honor their warranties.

stlouis1 July 12, 2013 12:08 PM

I ended up going with the Samsung, picked it up this morning since I had the money handy after selling a few things off yesterday.

I'm not entirely worried about the memory being TLC, especially after reading technical details on the counter measures put in place for voltage drops in transistors due to the additional switching due to the TLC design

there's also this
Hardware.Info tests lifespan of Samsung SSD 840 250GB TLC SSD [Updated with final conclusion] - Final update (20-6-2013) | Hardware.Info United Kingdom

over 3000 write cycles reached, and a calculated lifespan of 198 years at a 10gb per day lifespan based on 3000 cycles...im not worried

besides, it's going to do more reading than anything, and i've got a backup image of the full working system which takes about 5 minutes to restore it to a working state on a new drive should anything happen. it doesn't store any critical data anyway

so far I updated the firmware, it's working as well as I'd expected and I got exactly what I wanted out of it, so I'm satisfied

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